Monday, 19 March 2012

The Smart Media Technologies Community

Welcome to the Smart MediaTechnologies community. Thanks for having chosen to visit this Blog

Follow these 3 steps to a life of abundance, an opportunity to excel financially:

Step 1 
Download the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browser (Internet Explorer is not yet compatible with the unique Dynamic Bar).

Step 2
Get immediate FREE access to the Unique Dynamic Bar of Home Page Pay$

1.      After you clicked on this Link, view the VIDEO;
2.      Click on “Register Now For FREE”;
3.      Complete the registration;
4.      Click on SUBMIT;
5.      Install the Dynamic Bar of Home Page Pays located at the Top Centre.

Step 3
After you have registered as a Free Member you should read the content of this blog in order for you to make an informed decision about your level of participation in this business.

We have 3 levels of membership within the Smart Media global community, each with important, yet different needs: 
  1. Free Members (being released in 3 stages, stage 1 released on 1 February 2012)
  2. Advertisers 
  3. Representatives
Stage 1 Benefits for Free Members 
This Stage presents the chance for a person to try Home Page Pays for FREE with no strings attached. They just go to the Link and register, like they would register to become a Free Member of Facebook. Its the ultimate one-stop Social Community Portal for Entertainment and Fun!
Free Members receive immediate access to the following benefits of the HPP system:
1.  Daily, Weekly and Monthly Prizes(Valuable Prizes -SMART POINTS, CASH & GOODS- are displayed daily on the homepage of Home Page Pays);
2.  Education – enjoy some of the most powerful educational libraries on the planet. SMT spent years creating this educational training. YOU get it all for FREE;
3.  My University - with access to FREE Varsity-Classroom Videos in various subjects;
4.  Games – enjoy numerous Puzzle Games, Thinking – and even Educational Games. Keep your mind sharp while having fun;
5.  Action Games – enjoy a large and growing selection of Action Games, all playable online. New Role-playing and Adventure Games are continually being added;
6.  Software – The best 100% FREE Software on the Internet. Each Title has been carefully selected and tested with 43 Anti-Virus scanners;
7.  Bargain Shopping – Find the best bargains locally, nationally and around the globe. Shop with the FREE Smart Points that we give you daily on your new Homepage;
8.  Top Sites - Instant access to the most popular websites on the Internet;
9.  New Smart Chat*
o    A fun, easier way to CHAT with your friends, family and everyone you know. Also an easy way to meet new Online Friends  
o    Chat Groups allow you to instant message multiple members within our global community at once  
10. New Smart Mail*
o    A Superior mail system to e-mail – just like email without the usual problems or spam associated with email!  
o    100% delivery of Text and Video Messages!
11. Videos – The best Videos from around the Internet

* The Smart Chat and Smart Mail system will become available towards the end of March 2012.

Smart Media already has the most valuable Free Member program available on the Internet and the good news is that it will only get better
the features listed above are just the beginning! 

Our intention is that each week, month and year we will continue to amaze our members.

If you will allow me, I can help you to start earning a handsome residual income over the next few years of your life. All you need do is to allow me to be your COACH & MENTOR, and share everything I share with you with others in your circle/s of life, nothing more, nothing less...

Visit the Smart MediaTechnologies Members' Website to learn more about us.
While on this site, first click on Product; then on Demo; then on Opportunity.

REMEMBER, Don’t rush it! It took you years to get here, from now on take one step at a time, day by day, because you finally found the GOLD you had been looking for all your life.

If you can't afford to join as a Super Rep ($400 once off) then join as a Basic ($125 once off) or a Standard Rep ($200 once off) and work your way up. 

To take care of the accounting, web hosting and back office software etc, there is a monthly Admin Fee of only $30 per month. This FEE is exempt for members of certain countries, for example South Africa, until you are earning a minimum of $100.

If, however, you can afford to join as a SUPER REP ($400), you will immediately get access to a business opportunity with the income potential to become a self made
$millionaire within 24 months. All you need to do, is to follow my example! I will guide you EVERY STEP of the way.

How many online contacts do you have? If you join as a Representative (Super Package $400) and you pay this opportunity forward to all your online contacts, business associates, friends, colleagues and family, and you add only 1 new SUPER Package ($400) Member to your business every month, and they all "follow your example", month after month, then work out for yourself what your monthly $earnings potential could be over the next 12 months.

PS. If you can get only 1 person to join every month, at the HIGHEST  level (SUPER Package $400), who in turn does the same, over 12 months, you will earn more than R1million annually. Besides, you NEVER SELL ANYTHING to anybody, we will do all the selling through our professional business platform.

(It is for this reason that I opted to place a simple ad in a daily newspaper, and it works for me. This gives me access to at least 2 new prospects daily).

You can also follow this Simple 3 Step System

Plus, if you already have a business you can do your Own Branding on your Home Page.

Make sure you understand the business before you join as a representative, and if you wish (I strongly recommend this) you should attend the online Webinars posted by Smart Media Technologies regularly. I will forward Webinar Schedules from time to time. Check this link for other Time Zones

Once you have viewed the Videos for Instant Response to any queries, you may email me or if you are happy simply Join Me and I will guide you all the way to your success! 

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