Monday, 18 June 2012

5 Reasons why people won't comment on your Blog!

Touchy subject, I know! But have you ever wondered why your blog isn’t getting more comments? I mean you’ve put a lot of work into each post, you’ve searched for the right keywords, you finally figured out how all this SEO stuff really works, you’ve written the killer headlines, you’ve promoted your content on social media sites, you’ve commented on other blogs and you are getting the traffic but still no positive results.

I’ve been to some blogs recently and was just really surprised to see no comments at all while others had very few. After looking their blog over, I instinctively knew why. Here are a few tips that just may help.

1. You Aren’t Asking for Comments

I know this seems kind of silly right! I mean if the content is good and the people are coming then you shouldn’t have to ask. But trust me, it’s for the best.

I used to visit blogs all the time and I read their content but you know what! They never asked me to leave a comment so I didn’t. Dah! I know, seems really ridiculous but I’m serious. I didn’t know they wanted me to leave a comment.

Now remember, you may be a pro at this and you just know that if you run across some great content then you definitely are going to leave them a comment but others just aren’t sure.

The best solution is at the end of each post ask your reader to leave a comment or open up a line of communication by asking them questions and let them know that you would appreciate them adding to the conversation. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

2. You Aren’t Sharing the Love

Yep, that’s right. You want to share the love! What do I mean by that?

I know that a lot of blog owners are looking for that link juice. That’s a part of the blogging world my friend and there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting those backlinks to their blog is how the search engines start really paying attention to their content. Trust me, you want some of that too.

So how can you help out your fellow bloggers? Add the CommentLuv plug-in to your blog. It gives your commenters a link back to their site and if they register at the ComLuv site they will be able to choose any one of their last 10 posts to be displayed in their comment. It’s great exposure and a great way for their readers to follow your link back to your site. Win/win for everyone involved.

3. You Don’t Make It Easy For Us

So I know there is a lot of debate lately over the different types of commenting systems. Let’s see, there’s the old fashion kind (what I have here on my blog), then you have the Disque and Livefrye systems. Some people are offended that they would be asked to sign up for yet another service before they can leave a comment so this does turn some people off.

I have gotten used to the Disque because you can comment as an Open ID but the Livefrye you have to sign up for an account. What I really am finding interesting is that a few of the bloggers I visit regularly who recently made such a big deal about Livefrye being so cool because it will actually tracks their comments have gone back to using the good old fashion one again. So, just take into consideration that you want to make it easy for your commenter, not turn them off.

4. No Interaction:

Another reason for very few comments is perhaps there is no interaction taking place among the readers.

There are a few things you can do to remedy this quickly. I have two plug-ins that I really love that help me, the blog owner, know when someone has replied to a comment and then you as a commenter, being able to add to the conversation and know when others reply.

The first one is the ReplyMe plug-in which will notify the blog owner via email when they receive a reply on an already approved comment. The second one is the Subscribe to Comments plug-in so that the commenter can subscribe so that when others reply to their comment, they will be notified so they can remain part of the conversation. It is especially helpful when leaving a guest post so that you can reply to what others are saying.

5. You Don’t Care That I’m Here

Let’s face it, we all like some type of recognition that you appreciate us commenting over at your place. Now what better way to do this than to put a Top Commenter Widget over on your sidebar so we’ll be able to see who has been visiting your blog the most and leaving their comments.

You can set this widget up any way you like either with their photos or a list of names with the number of comments they’ve made. Either way, it’s a nice tribute to your blog commenters saying that you appreciate them being here. It’s a very kind gesture.

Recognise Anything?

Have you noticed that some of the above is missing from your blog or maybe some of these things you haven’t implemented yet? These may be some of the reasons your blog hasn’t gotten the attention it so richly deserves.

Make these few changes and additions and watch your comments pick up.

Your turn! Have you noticed that you receive comments because you have a lot of these things implemented over at your place? Or are you not receiving the number of comments you would like and now understand why. Would love to hear your comments and yes, I’ll ask for them. I learned my lesson early on so comment away. Please! :-)


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

10 More Linked In Tips & Tricks!

Hi folks,

Here are a few LinkedIn tips & tricks I threw together. Put them into practice, and they are game changers for your business.

Choose not to & continue to question the merits and benefits of LinkedIn!

Here goes:

1. Write your profile in the first person.

2. Your summary section is your elevator pitch – be conversational and creative, not dull and generic.

3 Create a company page. Attract followers by putting the follow button on your email signature.

4. Generate leads via introductions and referrals. Why? 78% people trust a recommendation V’s 14% trust advertising – Remember I told you this, it is invaluable.

5. Join lots of groups, participate in a few and create one group. Groups are the most powerful part of the basic version of LinkedIn. Understand how it will benefit your role and your business.

6. Learn to run events and webinars via LinkedIn.

7. Move the mouse over your name on the top right hand corner, and click settings. Enter your password and you now have access to your account control panel – customise it to suit your role. *suggestion – don’t make your profile invisible if you wish to network and connect with people.

8. Seven ways to prospect and develop business – Learn to use this functionality.

9. You may not ever sell to family and friends, but they can sure open doors for you, remember that!

10. Forget cold calling and refer back to my fourth point!
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Manage and measure your reputation. Get rewarded!

About Naymz

Naymz is a one-of-a-kind network that helps you manage and measure your online reputation and earn free products and services for your good name.

  • Manage Your Personal Brand

    Now, more than ever, your online Personal Brand is critical to achieving your professional and personal aspirations. With Naymz, you can: 

    Build a public profile that highlights your skills, interests, and experiences. Your profile is optimized and indexed in Google, Yahoo, and other leading search engines so that others will find your profile when searching for you. 

    Find and post ideas, opportunities, and opinions on Naymz Exchange. The Exchange platform will also allow you to post directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from your Naymz account.

    Publish written endorsements and references from colleagues to your profile. These add a layer of trust and validation to your reputation.
  • Measure your Reputation & Influence

    Each Naymz member is given a RepScore, which has three primary components:
    Peer assessments: Do your peers find you trustworthy and reputable? Naymz provides a quick uestionnaire to your contacts when they connect with you. The more peers who vouch for your reputation, and the higher their RepScores, the better your RepScore becomes.

    Social influence: Are you somebody that others listen to and engage with? Naymz calculates likes, comments, and reposts on Naymz and across your connected accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Transparency: What makes you unique and valuable? Companies, recruiters, colleagues, and clients are all using search engines and social networks to discover information about you. Being visible and maintaining a strong, authentic personal brand on the Web has never been more important. Earn RepScore points by defining yourself on your Naymz profile.

    Earn Free Stuff
    Members get rewarded for having a good reputation and being an influencer. Naymz gives away products and services to our top members with strong RepScores through RepRewards.

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