Friday, 25 May 2012

5 FREE websites for Advertising and Traffic Generation!

We all want FREE advertising, more traffic, more hits, more exposure to our opportunities and blogs! Below are 5 Free Websites offering these needs.

1. Viral Search 
This exciting and clever breakthrough new software lists your website on the first line of search engine results in 60 seconds for FREE.   This Breakthrough New Technology Puts Your Website In Front Of Thousands Of Hungry Buyers Instantly! 

2. Adviraliser

The Ad Viralizer website displays and promotes 6 different ads plus one Power Ad.
After free signup you get a page, with your own text ad in #1 position.

When other people want to sign up and place their own ad on the Ad Viralizer page, they have to get a special code for each ad (starting with yours!). For that they have to do the same thing you're asked to do - click on each ad, go to each website in turn and stay on each website for at least 15 seconds for the code to appear.

Now they can add their ad into position #1 and yours will be moved down to the #2 spot. Every one of the people that sign up on your page will start promoting their pages with your ad on it! These people are, as we say, on your 1st level

And this is where the real "viralizing" starts, and your traffic literally explodes. Those that sign up on the pages of your 1st level people will promote your ad in spot #3... and with each additional level your ad moves down, all the way to position #6, which equals over 55,000 hits!

 3. AZadboard

For An Unbeatable Price Of... $0.00 You Get:
Your Own three text links at the top of your page.
Your ads in the Last Submitted section on thousands of pages!
Your ads in the Random Selected section on thousands of pages!
There is more...
FREE URL Cloaker & Shortener!
FREE URL Rotator!

4. HotLink Cycler
This is a "SafeList", although without email ads. It's great at creating a responsive prospect list and makes your advertising completely safe from spam accusations! 
Instead of emails we use an effective combination of credit-producing text links and ads, displayed to our members right in their members area.
Our program is credit-based. Clicking on a link produces randomly from 1 to 40 credits for the prospect - no wonder they are happy to browse the pages. There is more - clicking on a Hot Link gives you from 100 to 1000 points (credits)! 
Another twist: our script makes sure that the prospect views one page at a time.
5. Cash In On Banners

Get Your Banners Displayed on Thousands of Pages!
Get Unlimited Direct $10 Member-to-Member Payments!
Get a FREE Page - Get Guaranteed Visitors

Every new member has to click on all banners and visit all pages to join.
This way you are getting not only free exposure of your banners,
but also guaranteed visitors to your pages!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Top 5 tips for attracting more traffic to your blogs

Use popular and relevant keywords
One of the best ways to get to your target audience is by using popular keywords and search terms that are often used by readers, while searching on the Internet. There are lots of keyword research tools that can be used for this purpose to target a specific audience. Additionally, you can also add compelling and interesting titles to your blogs by using some of the relevant keywords that can attract high amount of visitors.

Build relationship with other bloggers
It may be a great idea to share some of your ideas and suggestions with other people in the online community. The best way of doing this is by commenting on different blogs and providing your point of view on a specific topic that may help you in connecting with other readers. By leaving comments on other blogs, you can get a good opportunity to engage a large target audience to your business leading to an enormous amount of traffic.

Use social media channels

Social media websites may be right platform for sharing all your ideas and business information using blogs. You can take part in a series of discussions on interesting topics and increase your blog followers as well. Additionally, you can post your blogs on these social media sites by providing links to find a massive increase in the flow of traffic to your website. This method is great for sharing information, tips, new ideas and making any valuable contribution for enhancing your business prospects. Sharing tweets can also be a vital method of marketing for increasing your online presence and promoting your products and services in the market.

Engage the audience with well written content
It is important to provide interesting and informative content through your blog posts to capture the attention of your online audience. You can include short, concise paragraphs using bullet points that can make it easy for the readers to read and understand your content well. Additionally, including good grammar with proper spellings can help in increasing the clarity of your writing for the online viewers. In short, you must be able to engage your target audience with your blog posts and provide them with high value content.

Make videos to promote your blogs
Video Marketing of blogs may be a good idea to garner the attention of a large target audience and increase greater amount of traffic to your website. A short 30-40 seconds video can be created on any interesting topic that can engage the online audience and help in providing greater publicity to your online business. There are many video sharing websites today, where you can upload these videos and encourage more number of visitors for viewing your website.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

What's Coming in Home Page Pay$ v. 2.0

Those of you who have been coming to our live webinars very recently have an idea of what is coming with the release of HPP v. 2.0.

We are about to take a quantum leap forward and are already attracting a great deal of attention.

HPP 2.0 is just the start of some major benefits that you will be receiving, which will assist you in developing your business, not to mention additional income streams that will flow from the exciting developments of our advertising program expansion. These will go  far, far beyond what we ever could have imagined or were ever promised.  

Plus, HPP will have a completely new look and we are very confident you will love the new design and layout.

HPP version 2.0 will have the features of HPP version 1.0 PLUS:
Ø  “New Look”
§  New Design & Layout
Ø  Social Networking/Communication
§  Smart Chat – permission-based instant message service
§  Smart Mail – like email without all the problems
§  Smart Chirp – Similar to latest social network features
§  Global Friends Finder – Friends Search function
§  Personalised Member Profile
§  Avatar Creator System
Ø  Smart Media Games – Bronze Age
Ø  Smart Point Store – where members spend Smart Points
Ø  Select your 5 favourite “Top Sites”
Ø  Favourite Videos/Video Sharing System

Find out more info on FREE Membership 
Find out more info on REP Membership
Invite Guests to the Webinars – these will do the work for you!

Come along to our webinars next week to learn much more about this very exciting new phase we are entering into.

Now is definitely the time to invite guests to our webinars to allow them the chance to capture the vision of the future of Smart Media and to be able to benefit from being here at the very beginning of such an important and exciting phase in our company’s existence.   

1. Mondays: 2AM PDT / 3AM MDT / 4AM CDT / 5AM EDT
2. Mondays:
3. Tuesdays: 2PM PDT / 3PM MDT / 4PM CDT / 5PM EDT
4. Wednesdays: 2AM PDT / 3AM MDT / 4AM CDT / 5AM EDT
5. Wednesdays:
1. Mondays: Perth 5PM / Adelaide 6.30PM / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 7PM / NZ 9PM
2. Tuesdays:
Perth 9AM / Adelaide 10.30AM / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 11AM  / NZ 1PM
3. Wednesdays:
Perth 5AM  /  Adelaide 6.30AM / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 7AM / NZ 9AM
4. Wednesdays:
Perth 5PM /  Adelaide 6.30PM / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 7PM / NZ 9PM
5. Thursdays:
Perth 9AM / Adelaide 10.30AM / Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane 11AM  / NZ 1PM
1. Mondays: London 10AM / Jo’burg 11AM / Dubai 1pm / Karachi 2PM / Mumbai 2.30PM / Singapore 5PM
2. Tuesdays:
London 2AM / Jo’burg 3AM / Dubai 5AM / Karachi 6AM / Mumbai 6.30AM / Singapore 9AM
3. Tuesdays:
London 10PM / Jo’burg 11PM
3. Wednesdays: Dubai 1AM / Karachi 2AM / Mumbai 2.30AM / Singapore 5AM
4. Wednesdays:
London 10AM / Jo’burg 11AM / Dubai 1pm / Karachi 2PM / Mumbai 2.30PM / Singapore 5PM
5. Thursdays:
London 2AM / Jo’burg 3AM / Dubai 5AM / Karachi 6AM / Mumbai 6.30AM / Singapore 9AM
Check this link for other Time Zones:
Please Note: Go by the days & times in THIS EMAIL for your region.
Days & times in your confirmation email are USA Pacific Standard Times (PDT).
To Your Success

Monday, 7 May 2012

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions

PRICEBENDERS™ Penny Auctions allow you to bid on and win hot, name brand products for a fraction of the retail price (typically more than 90% off)!

Every auction starts at just one cent, with the price going up by just one cent more for each bid placed. The result is usually a jaw-dropping low price!
How low? Check out a few of our auctions from the last week, listed below. Then click the "GO" button to come join the fun!

Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus Omnidirectional Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone
Retails For: $99.99 (USD)
Winning Price:
Auction Winner Maggie C. SAVED 99%!

It could have been yours for $0.28!
Toshiba Camileo H30 Full HD Camcorder
Retails For: $249.99 (USD)
Winning Price:
Auction Winner John R. SAVED 89%!

It could have been yours for $26.39!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Madness at Home Page Pay$

Mega Smart Points Give-Away May Promotion

With the excitement building for the release of HPP Version 2.0 and the grand opening of the Smart Point Store, along with other exciting features that are being introduced in V2.0, Smart Media has decided to shower you with “May Madness”.

During the month of May, we will be giving away Hundreds of Thousands of Smart Points as bonuses. There will be many ways our Reps and Free Members can receive bonus Smart Points during this month.

Bonus Smart Points given away in Super Value Packages during the Promotion
  • $400 Super Value Package – includes 300 bonus Smart Points
  • Upgrade Packages to Super Rep. – 200 bonus Smart Points
MEGA Smart Points Random Draw for referring new Free Members in May. Open to Reps and Free Members.
Each time they refer a new Free Member, they get one ticket in the May monthly draw:
  • Free Member Mega Draw
  • 10 winners will receive 3,000 Smart Points each
Free Members already receive 25 Smart Points when they refer a new Free Member and now they will also get a chance to win more bonus Smart Points.

There is no point making up Free Members because these will not be counted into the draw. Each new Free Member needs a personal individual working email address.

MEGA Smart Points Random Draw’s for sponsoring new Reps.
Each time a Representative sponsors a new Rep., they receive one ticket in the draw for that Week and that Month:
  • May Weekly Mega Draw Smart Points Give-away
  • 1 winner will receive 5,000 Smart Points All new tickets for each week
  • Month of May Mega Draw Smart Points Give-away
  • 10 winners will receive 10,000 Smart Points each All new tickets for each month
Top Sponsors
The sales from all starting product packages will be calculated and at the end of the month the first 5 Reps with the largest sales volume for the month will win Smart Points and also be featured in the soon to be released new Smart Media Magazine.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – 10,000 Smart Points each
  • Featured story in the Smart Media Magazine
  • Sales Volume Example: 5 X $400 sales = $2,000 sales volume
There has never been anything like Home Page Pays.
We are very close to our Grand Opening for the Smart Point Shopping Store.