Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pay Per Click Income Activated in HPP v2

The Pay Per Click income has just been activated for HPP v2 and it has been designed to remain on permanently.

This means that as we roll out HPP v2 and you get access to it, you will also have the PPC income. In the future, we'll be explaining how we have developed and expanded the PPC system far beyond what members were promised in addition to the other passive income systems that work automatically with Free Members that are being designed into HPP v2.

HPP v2 is a game changer and unlike many companies, Smart Media is very quiet about some of its key features until they are released because we don't want to give our ideas away for them to be copied. To put it simply, we're giving members more than they were told, as our Phase 1 leaders have already discovered with HPP v2 (and as our Phase #2 members are about to discover!)

Of course, the importance of this being activated right now is that the phase 1 team can demonstrate the PPC income working.


The other key concept is that while Smart Media has been developing HPP v2, YOU have been developing YOUR HPP v2 through your efforts and the efforts of your team. HPP v2 has been designed as a system that makes YOU look good and to help those who have been making their businesses grow the most look like heroes. The more that you are doing during this time to grow your business and help your team to flourish major unexpected benefits will come to you. Many of the leaders have expressed that HPP v2 was beyond their expectations and this is just the beginning.

Below is a collection of more wonderful experiences shared by the Phase 1 Team

"Today I was able to see the real power of Chirps where we were all communicating with each other so effectively. We could not only communicate but also add pictures and videos instantly seen by everyone in our friends list. What a powerful tool that brings all of us so close and gets information spread across everyone so fast."
"Awesome! HPP Smart mail is very easy to use!

Played with Ultra Ball -- Many kids will just love to play this game! -- Smart Media is on the way to greatness!"
"I am demonstrating Smart HPP 2.0 to 20 people and they all shouted I LOVE HPP 2.0!"
"I see the ability to grow any size organization, group or charity with all the tools inside the HPP system in a next generation setting of caring and sharing."
"David, I must say that you nailed it with both Smart Mail and Smart Discussions and now that they have been created, it is time to watch them grow.

At first glance they seem like very simple ideas - Smart Mail looks like email and Smart Discussions looks like Facebook pages, but the only reason is because we only have the ability to compare stuff to something we already know. Very few people are able to see ""the possibilities"". YOU surely are one of those people. So, at first people will say, “Oh, it is like this or that, only they pay you”, but soon they will see that these things are nothing like anything else.

When you consider that the whole idea of the Internet, posed 69 years ago by Vanner Bush, was to create a massive brain that everyone could plug into because we had reached a point that we had way too much information to be able to use, search and find, which was hindering mankind's ability to progress. Then you look at what the Internet is today after all that time and we have not even come close to reaching Vanner Bush’s goal. What we have is piles and piles of often garbage information that we have to dig through. It does not matter if you are an expert, because unless you spend tons of money advertising, no one is ever going to find your site.
Smart Discussions will bring that closer to reality than anything in its 69 year history and when you put all of HPP together, I do believe you will cause that idea to become a reality.

In my mind, what you have created here is a whole new Internet, using the current Internet as a backbone. And, while it is still in its infancy, I believe it will grow at lightning speed because at Smart Media, we are one massive brain, all in one place and not scattered all over the far reaches of cyberspace."

When will you STAKE your Claim? Join Here

Home Page Pays 2.0 Roll-out Plan!

Home Page Pays 2.0 will be released in phases.
As soon as a member is invited to review their release of HPP 2.0, they will begin to set up their Avatar use the Social Networking Communications Hub (Smart Chat, Smart Chirp, Smart Mail, Smart Discussion) choose their friends, and more. They'll be able to play Smart Media Games, customise top sites, load some Fantastic Videos and even begin to customise the branding for THEIR HPP 2.0 immediately!

1.    Phase 1 – HPP 2.0 will be released to established leaders who have the first opportunity to make Home Page Pays 2.0 THEIR Home Page Pays 2.0. They will have significant influence on the next phase of HPP 2.0.

2.    Phase 2 - HPP 2.0 will be released to a special group of paid members who have achieved some level in the Smart Games Promotion. (Update. Phase 2 released 14 December 2012)

The members entering this phase will also have a major time advantage over many other members in defining how their Home Page Pays is going to look. They will be experiencing the release in the order based on how well they did in the promotion. Those who reached the top level in the promotion will be invited first, then the next level and so on...

They will be amongst those who get the first chance to review and give valuable feedback that will influence changes in HPP 2.0. Also included in this phase will be HPP founding members and other select leaders who have given so much to the Smart Media Networking Community. The feedback of this group will have great impact on the final product.

They will also influence the final HPP 2.0 release.

3.    Phase 3 - HPP 2.0 will be releasd to all paid members who have not been previously invited.

4.    Phase 4 - HPP 2.0 will be released to all members.

Why should you drive your business now?
There is an explosion around the corner. There will be those who make their fortune and those who don't. What will be the difference?

There are three things that you need to do to ride the wave of this "next big thing".
1.    Being in the right place at the right time
2.    Knowing that you're there
3.    Doing something about it

Some people will be prepared for this great opportunity. Those people will reap the rewards. You see HPP 2.0 is really a Smart Media Community effort. And like most communities, the Smart Media community rewards those who put the most efforts into building that community. The time to build momentum is today! When that momentum gets the superpower of the HPP 2.0 release, business will skyrocket. Remember, in business “Timing is Everything”.

If you understand that the members of the Smart Media Community are building Home Page Pays 2.0 alongside Smart Media you realise the question is not when Smart Media will finish Home Page Pays 2.0, but when will the members finish it WITH Smart Media?

There are four things you need to be doing to build YOUR HPP 2.0 today.
1.    Build YOUR business by actively referring people to the Smart Media products.
2.    Participate effectively in the Smart Media Games promotion.
3.    Give out Smart Media magazines in both hard copy (if possible) and digital format
4.    Use and teach others to use the 2-a-Day, 20-in-Play system

The race to stake your claim on the HPP 2.0 Gold Rush has been on since the 1st of September.
The gold fields of HPP 2.0 are being grabbed by the members who have been moving the fastest.
When will YOU stake your claim? Join HERE!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Why is Smart Media the GREATEST Opportunity Ever Created?

To answer this question we need to look at what Smart Media does.
Smart Media is developing a global social community as has been done by Google, Facebook and other successful Internet companies that give away valuable services to the Internet community.
  •  Billions of people use Google to search the Internet every day
  • Facebook has a billion members who use it to connect with people around the world
  • Youtube, Twitter, Skype and many others have proven this system works
Smart Media’s goal is to attract every person who uses the Internet by making our free offer IRRESISTABLE to anyone online by offering them “value” and “choice”. By doing this, the Home Page Pays system is destined to become the greatest FREE gift ever offered online.
We believe this quote from the University of Melbourne “Voice” is referring to Smart Media … they just don’t know it … YET!!!
You can easily learn how our soon-to-be-released HPP2.0 system can give you a BETTER online experience by reading Smart Media Magazine and visiting our website. You can also set up your own HPP account with our current version 1.0 that will be upgraded with all the brilliant new features of 2.0 upon its release.
Have you ever wondered how companies like Google, Facebook and others make their money? If you can search on Google for free, how do they make so much money? If you can join Facebook for free, how did its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, become the youngest billionaire in the world? The answer is Advertising… Digital Advertising is BIG business and these companies have proven it works!
Smart Media sells a variety of digital advertising services to anyone wanting to promote themselves, any company, product or service online. To find out more about these exceptional digital advertising services, please take a few minutes to read pages 20 – 25 of Smart Media Magazine… you can see a digital copy on our website.
BIG Internet companies have generated billions of dollars, with Mark Zuckerberg and many others becoming very wealthy as a result. However, unless YOU were one of the fortunate few, you never had an opportunity to tap into the fortunes being made online. Now you CAN, thanks to Smart Media!
If we, the people, did not use these companies’ services, they would not make any money. Our CEO and Founder, David Martin, created Smart Media as a way to give back to the world and to make the world a better place. He believes that if those using the system help to generate the revenue, it is only right they should share in the rewards.
Just take a moment to think about that…Smart Media sharing the major percentage of all advertising revenue with its members for their Internet activity and for being part of our community. That is right; giving back to our members who help us generate the revenue. It really is a new way of thinking and it is giving the average person, who might not have any technical or sales or marketing experience, a chance to tap into these fortunes that are being made online.
Those members who make the most substantial contribution to our community will receive the largest slice of the huge advertising revenue pie.
It is genius and for more information on Smart Media’s “Vision for the Future”, read Smart Media Magazine To discover how you can make money, visit your referrer’s website!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Smart Media is taking another quantum leap forward as it enters a new and very exciting era.

This is the start of what I consider to be the biggest thing I have ever been involved with.

This week starts the Home Page Pays 2.0 Phase 1 Rollout! (check your back office, for information about how the Rollout stages work)

Smart Media is taking another quantum leap forward as it enters a new and very exciting era. Over the next few months and years, Smart Media will become the talk of the Internet.

Being a part of the Smart Media community prior to the release of Home Page Pays 2.0 means that YOU are already an important part of our history.

As we roll out the phases, you will have an opportunity to help us enhance Home Page Pays. We have incredible programmers who can do almost anything we can dream of. Your great ideas will continue to shape Home Page Pays now and into the future.

Phase 1 is really the beginning of a new dawn in Networking and Social Media.

Each Phase 1 team member will have access to dedicated support team members to ensure they have everything they need to gain the greatest value from HPP 2.0.

This week, the Phase 1 team will be contacted with full details on what is expected of them during this phase.

What does this mean for members who are not in phase 1?

You will be able to read DAILY company announcements from our Phase 1 team members.

We will be sharing a special preview of HPP 2.0 and You can hear valuable feedback from Phase 1 team members on every live webinar.

Our Webinars are about to become even much more exciting as we show the new Home Page Pays 2.0 system at the same time that a number of our HPP 2.0 members are using it!!

If you qualified at any level as a Founding Member or in the recent Smart Media Games Promotion, you will be included in the Phase 2 team release.

When will the other phases start?

The time spent in each phase will be determined by the members involved in that phase. As we release access to HPP 2.0 the participating members will be part of helping us by contributing their feedback and suggestions.

These members will shape the very future of Home Page Pays for everyone.

Not part of this exciting future yet? Join here for FREE
or become a Representative here

Thursday, 18 October 2012

What Exactly is Smart Media?

§  Smart Media is a world-class technology company just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the BIG difference being that we share the major percentage of the advertising revenue with our members who help us generate this revenue. When you use those other BIG companies’ services for free, they make BILLIONS of dollars in advertising revenue from your Internet activity. Smart Media generates its revenue in the same way, except it gives the major share of the money back to YOU…. our members!

§  Smart Media gives away valuable (FREE) products and services to the global Internet community just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the difference being that we have created a central hub to bring the Internet to your fingertips. This offers you a BETTER experience while using the Internet, whether it is for social networking, communicating, entertainment, fun, education or valuable resources and you will find it all in one central location at Smart Media’s “Home Page Pays”.

§  Smart Media sells digital advertising just like Facebook, Google and other BIG Internet companies – the difference being that we have valuable products for those in Business, Direct Sales and Non-Profit organisations. Our Paid Members receive special give-away rights, including a viral List-Building System, Branding Systems and Advertising Systems, including the Free Member Reward Program. The BIG companies have proven that digital advertising is BIG business. The youngest billionaire in the world today is Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. 2012 is the first year where digital advertising is outselling other forms of advertising like TV, radio, billboards, etc. Smart Media is a major player in the digital advertising world, providing the ultimate in branding and advertising “real-estate” at amazingly low prices!

§  Smart Media offers online social games just like Facebook and other BIG Internet companies – the difference being we offer proprietary, top-quality, family-friendly, entertainment and educational games, whereby the players can win prizes, such as Laptop computers, Nintendo’s and even Cash. We even give away matching prizes so YOU can win great prizes even if you do not play games just by being the referrer of the winner!

§  Smart Media FREE users can access valuable services just like Facebook and other BIG Internet companies  – the difference being that users can earn Smart Points for their Internet activity or win Smart Points, such as by entering the Daily Prize Draw, and then use those points to select products from the Smart Point Reward Store… the ONLY Rewards Store where everything is FREE because no products are purchased to receive Smart Points!

1.    FREE MEMBERS can register and use the benefits of the Home Page Pays system for FREE with NO obligations. PLUS they will receive Smart Points and additional chances to win gifts and prizes. A FREE MEMBER CAN UPGRADE TO BECOME A REPRESENTATIVE MEMBER AT ANY TIME.

2.    REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS may purchase a one-time branding product package, which enables them to give away an unlimited number of Home Page Pays systems for FREE worldwide. PLUS it enables them to earn from the various income streams shared through our revenue sharing program.

3.    ADVERTISER MEMBERS may purchase a one-time branding product package, which enables them to give away an unlimited number of Home Page Pays systems for FREE worldwide. PLUS it enables them to earn from the various income streams available through our revenue sharing program. Additionally, they are able to purchase advertising packages, enabling them to advertise to all Smart Media Members internationally, nationally or locally.  

Smart Media is NOT an MLM company - it is a technology company whose business model is the same as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc., except we share the revenue with our Free Members (in the form of Smart Points and great prizes) and Representative Members in the form of income, Smart Points and great prizes. 

Smart Media's mission is to promote social responsibility and enable our global members to be a part of social change; to bring financial security and a paradigm shift in education to people around the world. We are the only “Caused-Based Social Community”.

Being a Smart Media Member means you are part of making a difference in the world!

Take one of my magazines.
The more I give away the more money I make

To Your Success


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Here's a small but powerful tip for your LinkedIn profile

When creating/editing your LinkedIn profile there is a section called "Websites" which can be found under the "Additional Information" Section.

When you click on "edit" to add your website(s), you can add up to 3, there will be a drop-down list from which you can choose from.

The list contains:

- Personal Website
- Company Website
- Blog
- Rss Feed
- Portfolio
- Other

Most LinkedIn users will choose either personal website or company website. But, this is NOT what you should be selecting. Instead, you want to select "Other"! Why? Because, when you select "Other" from the drop-down list, a new field will open up called "Website Title". Now, instead of a link on your profile titled "Company Website" or "Personal Website" you can have a link on your profile with your keyword or an intriguing website title!

For example, if you're a Dentist, wouldn't you rather have a link on your profile that says "The Best Dentist in Town" which links back to your website, instead of a boring link that says "Company Website"?

I have added Tartra Technologies , SmartMedia Technologies and my Blog Page which you are currently reading.
Plus, this strategy is great for backlinking and SEO for your website!

Hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions...please don't hesitate to ask in the comments field below!

To Your Success,


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

International Smart Media Success Stories!

Thank you to our fantastic teams from around the world for sharing these photos and success stories! Here we share stories from just a few of our teams around the world: In Malaysia, the Philippines, New Zealand and South Africa.

One of our fantastic leaders, Tahir, has recently started building a terrific team in Malaysia. He says: “We have people in our team whose stories simply touched so many people, brought tears to so many eyes and inspired so many more.

There were people who fired their bosses within less than 3 weeks of being with Smart Media; people who for the first time took their mother to Subway to eat food and he felt so happy about it; a waiter who fired his boss so that he can go all out with Smart Media; a 19 year old kid who is an orphan, does a full time job at a cafe and in less than 3 weeks crossed over $1,000 and bought himself a brand new bike.

One of our team groups had organised an event for 100 people and 120 people showed up. It was one of many electrifying events that we've had!

I can go on and on and I was so happy to see how Smart Media is changing lives of so many people out here within just the first few months of me being here and how it will change lives of hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of people, as our group grows around the world.

Our business in the Philippines is another example of the excitement being created by Smart Media and Home Page Pays. We have many leadership groups developing and sales are coming in daily right across the Philippines.

We would like to acknowledge several leaders. We are grateful to Ricky and Noel who have been doing a magnificent job building their teams in the Philippines. Both have been fantastic leaders and have been conducting their own meetings.
We would also like to thank Denise who is working with closely Steve and some of her other teams to develop a very exciting business.

New Zealand

Gene, an amazing leader in New Zealand, is another person supporting a team in the Philippines. He shows how simple it is to build a global business. He says, “Some say New Zealand is the Country that’s further away from the rest of the world than anywhere else. And while it’s true, just look at a map of the world, there is so much that we do well that keeps us in touch with the world.

Take the Rugby World cup, our Rowing sport champs and so many other areas as well. Also in the Business world we do great things too. So now let’s look at the one business that is really close to my heart... Smart Media.

We have a great team here that is starting to make waves or should I say “ride the waves”.

I started doing webinars last year and in no time we had a team of several hundred people, so then we began our fortnightly breakfast meetings, which became a big hit. We have had to move venue twice as we outgrew them!!

Now we have a great venue which we won’t outgrow for a while, which also has good food... WOW!

Now that Smart Media Magazine has been released… all I can say is DOUBLE WOW!

Smart Media Magazine is the Story, the Presentation and our Credibility all in one.

I am a convert with “2-a-day, 20-in-play” that you will find in the Training section, as it’s the way to really get your business right to the top.

Now with Thousands of Members in NZ we are definitely on track to help make a better world.
I suggest you just DO the following:

    Do the basics
    Do them well
    Do them often
    Do not slow
    Do not quit
    Do become a success story
    See you all in the winner’s circle!”

Thank you Gene for all the tremendous things you are doing!

South Africa

One of our leaders in South Africa, Andrew says, “We knew we were onto something with Smart Media, but never in our wildest dreams did we realise just how big!

We are not anything special and I therefore rather I attribute it to the “no brainer” product Smart Media has developed in HPP. Yes, of course it has taken hard work, but working hard to make our business a success has been an absolute pleasure.

Dean and I decided to take Smart Media seriously 10 months ago and now we have almost 1000 Reps in South African team, which is growing rapidly with new members joining each day. If you had told us this would happen a year ago, we would not have believed it as we have both previously dabbled in Network Marketing with only varying degrees of success.

We simply started using the tools, such as the videos on the website and the international webinars. Soon our team began to grow and in early February Dean and I started doing our own South Africa specific webinars. Along with the international webinars, these turned out to be a great hit and we regularly had over 40 people attending and sometimes up to 100.

Then, in March, people started requesting we do live events. The first was a huge success with over 50 people attending.

As our team grew, we had similar events being held by leaders in other parts of South Africa. We could not have got to where we are today without them. THAT is what this business is about isn’t it? Duplication and leverage!

During this time, we have experienced amazing support from Smart Media corporate and David Martin himself. Recently, we had server issues in a certain area in South Africa which had nothing to do with the company, yet David felt he needed to look at it personally in order for our members to have the best possible experience with HPP.

Lawrence, one of our team leaders was one of the people with the server issues, so David took control of his computer in order to run a "live test" and obtain data that could be submitted to "TELKOM SA". David had things popping up on his computer that we have never seen before. Our future is in the right hands from an IT perspective… David Martin is a computer wizz.

We all felt that what we took away from the webinar with David is his passion and the focus. We can’t communicate all of his insight as this was confidential, however, what we can tell you is that he makes decisions that impact the company in the most positive manner; he has integrity and he certainly knows where Smart Media is going. Be assured, the fantastic new product developments will allow anyone who takes action to earn extraordinary income.”

Thank you Andrew and Dean. You are another example of people who, in your own words, have merely "dabbled" in network marketing and yet with Smart Media, you have become true leaders and you and your team deserve all the success that is coming your way.

Special thanks to all of the leaders who have sent us photos of your success. For all the other leaders who sent us photos and success stories, we will include them in future announcements. These is just a few of the many success stories that leaders all around the world are having with Smart Media, Today.

Smart Media is the place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed... it is all about believing you can do it and taking action.

Get your FREE COPY of Smart Media's new Magazine!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Get your FREE copy of Smart Media's NEW Magazine!

Today I wanted to share a thought with all of you. I was thinking of various markets for our Smart Media business.

Have you noticed how many direct marketers are now using the Social Networks and online sites to promote and brand themselves?

Guess what: they are all coming to Smart Media!

How do I know that for sure?
Simple: The same reason they are using Facebook and all the others.
What we offer with our Super Value Branding Package is much more
powerful and valuable to all of these people than anything else available.

Just read the Smart Media Magazine articles:

“Smart Media Advertising & Branding” Pages 20 - 23

“A Revolution in Advertising” Page 24

“The Worth Of 20 Minutes of Advertising” Page 25

Watch the Advertising Branding video. This is found on the Advertising
Page of your SMT website. Sub Menu of Product Page.

Imagine the magnitude of this market alone. Any person who is currently
in a network marketing business, affiliates, Internet marketers. Work from
Home Mums and Dads. The potential of this market is mind boggling and
you can very easily have as much of it as you desire.

I promise you, they are all coming. It is just a matter of who tells them first.
Someone is going to tell them and someone is going to get paid.

WHY not YOU?

The choice is yours and those of you that realize this and take action
will be very happy you did.

It really is simple, the people in this market are looking for a way to
build a list of potential members for their businesses. They are looking
for something that can help them promote their business and make
connections. You have everything they are looking for and much more.

The $400 Super Value Package is packed full of value and you also now
have a simple way to share this with them. Give them the Magazine and
point out the articles written above. You could also mention:

Pages 10 & 11 the article about 1 to 1001+ and The Money is in the list articles.

Then guide them to the advertising video.

I know some of you are already out there working this market everyday
and congratulations to you for being the first to see the magnitude of this
market. Right now you have everything in place to set yourselves up for
life. The only thing that can prevent YOUR success is YOU.

I wish everyone of you HUGE success with us and enjoy the journey.
Have fun and build connections.
Please feel free to add your comments.

To your Success

Monday, 23 July 2012

When is the best time to tell people about Smart Media or Home Page Pays?

We realise everyone is very excited about HPP 2.0 and wants it released ASAP. Some of you are even waiting for its release before telling people about it, while others are already sharing it with everyone they know.

Who is right?

There is no right or wrong in this situation and each of us has to choose what we feel is best for us. I am sharing this information with you with the hope it may help you to understand how I feel.

Here is a very powerful story that shows it from both sides that might help with your decision.

This is a true story involving Stephen and Carol (Top SMT Reps)

Many years ago, both Stephen and Carol were told about a company that was starting up. They were given the opportunity to pre-purchase and pre-sell the product before it was released. All they had was the promise of what was coming. There was NO free offer and people had to either pay $200 to join, or wait. It was a direct sales company that had only one income stream, similar to our 2xInfinity income but it was capped at $20,000 weekly, where Smart Media is capped at a massive $50,000 weekly. The company had no free member offer and they could not even demonstrate or sample the product.

They each joined the company. Carol decided to wait while Stephen, believed in the company and told everyone about it and let them make their own choices:

1.    They could say, “No thanks, I am not interested”
2. They could wait until the product was released and then join
3. They could join now to get positioned and wait until the product was released before they told anyone
4. They could join now and do what he was doing… Tell everyone they knew now and let those people decide which of the 4 choices was best for them

After 120 days of pre-sales promotion, Stephen had a good team and was earning close to $2,000 per week. He had team members earning hundreds of dollars weekly but the fun REALLY started when the product was released…

In the next 30 days, Stephen’s income went from almost $2,000 per week to $20,000 per week and in the following 30 days it went to over $30,000+ per week! He had team members earning money they never thought was possible for them!

How did they achieve this within just 30 to 60 days of the product being released?

Because they took advantage of great timing and had the power of leverage working for them. They already had many people who had either joined or were ready to join who were set to tell everyone they knew. Stephen and his “movers” had already been doing it for 120 days so their work was done. All of those people that took action earned hundreds of thousands to millions.

Carol, on the other hand, only got going with that same company upon the release of the product. However, she found that many people had already joined or had heard about it from someone else. While Stephen was making a 7-figure income, Carol was only just getting started!!!

She LOST a huge advantage because she waited and was never able to catch the ones who had been working while she was waiting… something she has always regretted and it was a very big lesson learned.

Back to Smart Media, which has infinitely more of everything than that company ever had.
§  HPP 1.0 is in place NOW
§     We have the most powerful Branding and Advertising system online
§  We have an incredible payment plan that is as good as and we believe better than ANY other company… (see our pay plan videos in the sub-menu of the Opportunity page)
§  We show proof of HPP 2.0 working on our webinars with live demonstrations
§  We have an exceptional promotional tool to share the story with the Smart Media Magazine, which will show proof of who we are as a company and what we stand for.

In other words, you have every reason to tell everyone you know right now and let them decide for themselves:
1.    “No thanks, I am not interested”
2.  Join as a Free Member
3.  Join as a Rep. and wait until we release HPP 2.0 before telling anyone
4. Join as a Rep. and start telling everyone they know and letting those people decide for themselves what is the best choice for them

Members who are waiting to share Home Page Pays are making a decision for those people before they have not been given the chance to find out exactly what we have right now or to decide for themselves what is best for them.

Imagine holding back from contacting people you would love in your team and they then contact you about it! How will you feel about losing them?

I can personally share with you that if you had me on your list and you waited I would be very upset. I would feel this way because your waiting to tell me could have cost me potentially millions of dollars. You made a decision for me without asking me.

When we release HPP 2.0, should we wait for 3.0 or the mobile application?

We already have the most valuable free member program with HPP 1.0.
Let’s use Facebook as an example of a free member program success.

Facebook do NOT give their members:
§  Great prizes, such as laptop computers, iPod’s, Nintendo’s & cash
§  Educational video libraries - Smart Library & My University
§  100’s of pieces of free software
§  Top sites section
§  Multiple search engines in one place
§  Smart Points: Members are earning smart points right now

HPP 1.0 already has all of these features and more for our Free Members, which shows there is enough right now to build a massive global membership base.

What do you think will happen when we release HPP 2.0 with the Smart Points Shopping Store and the Smart Media Games and Edutainment Games?

How about the introduction of the “in-game” advertising and virtual goods! Did you know it is estimated that 12% of Facebook’s total revenue comes from games and virtual goods and they do not even own the games?!

Read the magazine articles and watch the Product video for full details and you will understand the enormity of this project and how the release of HPP 2.0 will create such a buzz on the Internet that we will have MILLIONS of members joining from all over the world. This is not us just hoping it might happen; we know this is what WILL happen.

We also hope you understand the very worst thing we could do is release 2.0 before it is ready. To gain the greatest impact on branding and market share, we want the release to have a HUGE impact right across the Internet. We want to have the Communication systems, Social Network feature and the Smart Point Reward Store ready and Smart Media Games with games that excite people to want to play them.

The important thing is to not waste any of the opportunities that are available right now. The way some of our teams are successfully building, shows we have more than enough to attract people to our company. There are even members earning hundreds of dollars a day who have never had success in MLM before, even though they have tried and yet they are having success here, right now, with HPP 1.0!

Of course, everything possible is being done to release HPP 2.0 ASAP. However, there is very good reason to be grateful for the time you have left before its release and do all you can to build like crazy NOW.

We will never have this window of time again and those who use this time wisely will be forever grateful, just like Stephen and some of his team in the true story. Those who decide to wait could regret it for the rest of their lives just like Carol. The choice is yours to make.

We hope this has been helpful in showing you how you can take huge advantage of timing right now and set yourselves up for life by helping others do the same.

Follow our simple 1, 2, 3 System and your success is assured!

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

7 Ways to be a Successful Sponsor!

Ok. So you signed-up to a new business opportunity, and tried to learn all the things about your new company, so you can support your new team members. Of course, knowledge always helps especially if you are trying to be a Good Team Leader and you want your team to be successful. You must create effective sponsoring and duplication strategies. You must learn how to lead and grow a large team in order to earn big residual income. Here are seven ways to be a good sponsor for your team.

1. As a team leader, you should always lead by example. Do all the things that you want your down-line to be able to follow. Always ask the question from yourself: Could all of my team members do this? Remember: Duplication is key to success!

2. Be especially supportive to every member of your team. Try to put yourself into their shoes. Don't forget: They are your gold currency and you succeed only if they succeed!

3. Work with your active members and help them with their questions, problems, or anything else that they ask you. If they send you an e-mail, always reply to them in the first 24 hours. Sooner if it is possible. Be compassionate. Show them you care. Caring will win your trust.

4. Recognise the good work and milestones of your team members. Everyone likes to be recognised and praised for their hard work and accomplishment.

5. Send out to your team weekly newsletters, with the recognition and praise of the hard workers, and encouragement or advice what to do next. For a new affiliate, every step to success can be overwhelming. We all have our doubts and unsecured feeling occasionally and a friendly encouragement from the sponsor might help them emotionally get back on track.

6. When your down-line is slowing down with their activities or involvement, or if you want them to reach their goal, set-up some contest for a prize. Some members might like challenges and like to get a prize. Everybody likes to win a prize.

7. Finally: always educate yourself with reading new materials, books, tapes, videos on leadership and this way you can find new creative ways to motivate all your team members. Learn from the big success leaders. There are plenty out there on the internet.

To your Success, please share your views and comments!

Monday, 18 June 2012

5 Reasons why people won't comment on your Blog!

Touchy subject, I know! But have you ever wondered why your blog isn’t getting more comments? I mean you’ve put a lot of work into each post, you’ve searched for the right keywords, you finally figured out how all this SEO stuff really works, you’ve written the killer headlines, you’ve promoted your content on social media sites, you’ve commented on other blogs and you are getting the traffic but still no positive results.

I’ve been to some blogs recently and was just really surprised to see no comments at all while others had very few. After looking their blog over, I instinctively knew why. Here are a few tips that just may help.

1. You Aren’t Asking for Comments

I know this seems kind of silly right! I mean if the content is good and the people are coming then you shouldn’t have to ask. But trust me, it’s for the best.

I used to visit blogs all the time and I read their content but you know what! They never asked me to leave a comment so I didn’t. Dah! I know, seems really ridiculous but I’m serious. I didn’t know they wanted me to leave a comment.

Now remember, you may be a pro at this and you just know that if you run across some great content then you definitely are going to leave them a comment but others just aren’t sure.

The best solution is at the end of each post ask your reader to leave a comment or open up a line of communication by asking them questions and let them know that you would appreciate them adding to the conversation. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

2. You Aren’t Sharing the Love

Yep, that’s right. You want to share the love! What do I mean by that?

I know that a lot of blog owners are looking for that link juice. That’s a part of the blogging world my friend and there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting those backlinks to their blog is how the search engines start really paying attention to their content. Trust me, you want some of that too.

So how can you help out your fellow bloggers? Add the CommentLuv plug-in to your blog. It gives your commenters a link back to their site and if they register at the ComLuv site they will be able to choose any one of their last 10 posts to be displayed in their comment. It’s great exposure and a great way for their readers to follow your link back to your site. Win/win for everyone involved.

3. You Don’t Make It Easy For Us

So I know there is a lot of debate lately over the different types of commenting systems. Let’s see, there’s the old fashion kind (what I have here on my blog), then you have the Disque and Livefrye systems. Some people are offended that they would be asked to sign up for yet another service before they can leave a comment so this does turn some people off.

I have gotten used to the Disque because you can comment as an Open ID but the Livefrye you have to sign up for an account. What I really am finding interesting is that a few of the bloggers I visit regularly who recently made such a big deal about Livefrye being so cool because it will actually tracks their comments have gone back to using the good old fashion one again. So, just take into consideration that you want to make it easy for your commenter, not turn them off.

4. No Interaction:

Another reason for very few comments is perhaps there is no interaction taking place among the readers.

There are a few things you can do to remedy this quickly. I have two plug-ins that I really love that help me, the blog owner, know when someone has replied to a comment and then you as a commenter, being able to add to the conversation and know when others reply.

The first one is the ReplyMe plug-in which will notify the blog owner via email when they receive a reply on an already approved comment. The second one is the Subscribe to Comments plug-in so that the commenter can subscribe so that when others reply to their comment, they will be notified so they can remain part of the conversation. It is especially helpful when leaving a guest post so that you can reply to what others are saying.

5. You Don’t Care That I’m Here

Let’s face it, we all like some type of recognition that you appreciate us commenting over at your place. Now what better way to do this than to put a Top Commenter Widget over on your sidebar so we’ll be able to see who has been visiting your blog the most and leaving their comments.

You can set this widget up any way you like either with their photos or a list of names with the number of comments they’ve made. Either way, it’s a nice tribute to your blog commenters saying that you appreciate them being here. It’s a very kind gesture.

Recognise Anything?

Have you noticed that some of the above is missing from your blog or maybe some of these things you haven’t implemented yet? These may be some of the reasons your blog hasn’t gotten the attention it so richly deserves.

Make these few changes and additions and watch your comments pick up.

Your turn! Have you noticed that you receive comments because you have a lot of these things implemented over at your place? Or are you not receiving the number of comments you would like and now understand why. Would love to hear your comments and yes, I’ll ask for them. I learned my lesson early on so comment away. Please! :-)


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

10 More Linked In Tips & Tricks!

Hi folks,

Here are a few LinkedIn tips & tricks I threw together. Put them into practice, and they are game changers for your business.

Choose not to & continue to question the merits and benefits of LinkedIn!

Here goes:

1. Write your profile in the first person.

2. Your summary section is your elevator pitch – be conversational and creative, not dull and generic.

3 Create a company page. Attract followers by putting the follow button on your email signature.

4. Generate leads via introductions and referrals. Why? 78% people trust a recommendation V’s 14% trust advertising – Remember I told you this, it is invaluable.

5. Join lots of groups, participate in a few and create one group. Groups are the most powerful part of the basic version of LinkedIn. Understand how it will benefit your role and your business.

6. Learn to run events and webinars via LinkedIn.

7. Move the mouse over your name on the top right hand corner, and click settings. Enter your password and you now have access to your account control panel – customise it to suit your role. *suggestion – don’t make your profile invisible if you wish to network and connect with people.

8. Seven ways to prospect and develop business – Learn to use this functionality.

9. You may not ever sell to family and friends, but they can sure open doors for you, remember that!

10. Forget cold calling and refer back to my fourth point!
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Friday, 1 June 2012

Manage and measure your reputation. Get rewarded!

About Naymz

Naymz is a one-of-a-kind network that helps you manage and measure your online reputation and earn free products and services for your good name.

  • Manage Your Personal Brand

    Now, more than ever, your online Personal Brand is critical to achieving your professional and personal aspirations. With Naymz, you can: 

    Build a public profile that highlights your skills, interests, and experiences. Your profile is optimized and indexed in Google, Yahoo, and other leading search engines so that others will find your profile when searching for you. 

    Find and post ideas, opportunities, and opinions on Naymz Exchange. The Exchange platform will also allow you to post directly to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from your Naymz account.

    Publish written endorsements and references from colleagues to your profile. These add a layer of trust and validation to your reputation.
  • Measure your Reputation & Influence

    Each Naymz member is given a RepScore, which has three primary components:
    Peer assessments: Do your peers find you trustworthy and reputable? Naymz provides a quick uestionnaire to your contacts when they connect with you. The more peers who vouch for your reputation, and the higher their RepScores, the better your RepScore becomes.

    Social influence: Are you somebody that others listen to and engage with? Naymz calculates likes, comments, and reposts on Naymz and across your connected accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Transparency: What makes you unique and valuable? Companies, recruiters, colleagues, and clients are all using search engines and social networks to discover information about you. Being visible and maintaining a strong, authentic personal brand on the Web has never been more important. Earn RepScore points by defining yourself on your Naymz profile.

    Earn Free Stuff
    Members get rewarded for having a good reputation and being an influencer. Naymz gives away products and services to our top members with strong RepScores through RepRewards.

    Naymz is FREE, so join today and start elevating your personal brand