Tuesday, 12 June 2012

10 More Linked In Tips & Tricks!

Hi folks,

Here are a few LinkedIn tips & tricks I threw together. Put them into practice, and they are game changers for your business.

Choose not to & continue to question the merits and benefits of LinkedIn!

Here goes:

1. Write your profile in the first person.

2. Your summary section is your elevator pitch – be conversational and creative, not dull and generic.

3 Create a company page. Attract followers by putting the follow button on your email signature.

4. Generate leads via introductions and referrals. Why? 78% people trust a recommendation V’s 14% trust advertising – Remember I told you this, it is invaluable.

5. Join lots of groups, participate in a few and create one group. Groups are the most powerful part of the basic version of LinkedIn. Understand how it will benefit your role and your business.

6. Learn to run events and webinars via LinkedIn.

7. Move the mouse over your name on the top right hand corner, and click settings. Enter your password and you now have access to your account control panel – customise it to suit your role. *suggestion – don’t make your profile invisible if you wish to network and connect with people.

8. Seven ways to prospect and develop business – Learn to use this functionality.

9. You may not ever sell to family and friends, but they can sure open doors for you, remember that!

10. Forget cold calling and refer back to my fourth point!
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