Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ProMatrix Plus - Turn $27.50 into 1 Million!

If you want to advertise your business and get paid for it as well….. ProMatrix Plus offers lifetime advertising for any business you choose to promote.

ProMatrixPlus is a cycler program with a forced 2x2 matrix, with spill over from the top. You get to advertise 3 Text Ads, 3 Banner Ads and 1 Full Page "Log In" ad, plus many other marketing tools for any program that you are promoting. 

There are webinar & training video's in the back office. The beauty about this program is that there is only a ONCE OFF fee of $25 ($27.50 with STP fees) and the potential to turn that $25 into $1 Million! 

If you are interested and confident that you can get just 2 people to join under you then CLICK HERE

See more about the money making opportunity in this video:

The Ultimate Cycler - Make over $1 000 per Day!

Ultimate Cycler is a very powerful and easy program to work. For a $25 One-Time payment you receive a permanent position in to Ultimate Cycler! Ultimate Cycler pays 100% commission and pays instantly! You can join now and have your initial entry fee back in minutes and be making money within and hour! All you have to do is share it!

Why join Ultimate Cycler? #1 is the income that you can receive and #2 The Lead Scraper software that is offered to you free. This software will allow you find an endless amount of leads that you can use for any program that you are promoting!

Ultimate Cycler offers a true “follow your sponsor” system. It works as a true 2 x 2 matrix and offers a incredible amount of spillover if you just work the system.
If you use the system the way it’s designed, you will earn a great income, have an incredible feeder program and will form an incredible database that you will be able to use over and over again in your business.

Watch the video below! Don’t make this complicated! It is simple and you need to keep it simple! Share, teach and receive!
For more Info CLICK HERE

For more Info CLICK HERE

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Win BIG with "Give them the Pickle Contest"!

The contest will play out like this:
• The person who earns the most points by referring people to We The People Downline Clubs group page @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/474555065960016/ and they register for a free position in our downline group @ http://wtpdc.info/ WINS!!! Also a huge part of “Give’em the Pickle Contest” is anyone who participates in this contest WINS!!!!
• The contest will be tracked through the signup page. There will a “referred by” box on our signup page. So this needs to be filled out when it’s emailed in by the new member!!! There is NO coming back and saying “Joan was suppose to put my name in the box”!
• There is an “Everyone Wins” clause in this contest also!!! If you participate in the contest and your name comes up on the signup sheets as a referrer, THEN YOU ALSO WIN!!!!!
What is the prizes???
• Grand Prize is a 50” Flat Screen TV or a Laptop “your choice” (we’re going to be reasonable here, its not a $2000 SmartTV or a Apple Computer) and (minimum 25 new We The People Downline Club Members to qualify)
• 2nd Prize is a $250 Visa Gift Card (minimum 20 new members to qualify)
• 3rd Prize – is a reward prize and everyone that participates WINS. The prize will be a “Better Position in the Downline”, which means the person or person’s who refer the most people, to the person who refers the least will be given “in order” the NEXT top spot’s in the downline and other contest participants will follow below them at the end of the contest, based on the amount of people they refer (YES THE DOWNLINE IS RESHAPING) and will be calculated this way. This is a way to gain a top position within our Xplocial Team Build!!!! We are rewarding the workers of We The People!!!
o What if “I already have my 4 members” and I win the contest? Then your 4 members will be moved up the line to the next position to have their new members placed by We The People
o What if one of my new members win the contest? We will give you the next space below the winner in the downline (or your people will be able to move up if you have your 4)
o Get the grasp of things here. Win the contest, move up in the line. Participate in the contest and move up the line. Already have your members, you will win your powerline a chance to gain a better position in the downline.
o ALSO, during the contest, it will be business as usual. We will be placing members that join We The People and ready for Xplocial in the order that the downline is presently.
o The downline will not change until the contest is over!!!
o The Contest starts Friday @ 7:00EST and end Wednesday the 21st. The Contest is “10 DAYS”

• Counting and Tracking the points for the Contest!
o Every new member to We The People Downline Club counts as “1” point (tracked by the signup sheet http://wtpdc.info/ ) They must put the members name in the “referred by” box to be counted. Please do not come back to us after the member has signed up. They need to know who referred them at the time they sign up!!
o Every new ProMatrixPlus member will count as an additional “2” points (Please contact Kristi Johnson to notify her of the member signing up or for placement if recruiting member does not participate in ProMatrixPlus presently)
o Every new Xplocial member will count as an additional “5” points and Platinum is an additional “5” points, so it could be a total of “10 points” (Please contact Sarah Britt Gooden) to notify her of the addition of the new Xplocial member so they can be counted and placed in the downline) Place the member under you if you don’t have your 1st four member’s or place them under one of the members under you if you do have your four members.

I hope that you have grasped that the way to win this contest is to interact and talk to your new members. If you follow the script when speaking with potential members, YOU CAN WIN THIS CONTEST!!! More than winning though, you will have just added tons of new members in to Xplocial, “PLATINUM MEMBERS” !!!!

Are you serious about your business??? If so, then now is the time to show it!!! 
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