Friday, 27 April 2012

8 Power Principles Of A Prosperous Online Business

The internet is a tool, a means of connection, and that is it. The power of the internet is that the connection can be made to information, people, and places worldwide in a matter of moments. However, you asked what to do to build a prosperous online business, so here it is.

In a nutshell, you will do the same thing millions have done offline to build a prosperous business. You may build faster but you have the same building blocks for business success online as well as offline.

Let me share with you the 8 Power Principles Of A Prosperous Online Business:

1. Energy-This is the building block to all achievement because it means action. You must have focused action in a disciplined manner daily that produces the results you desire. It is evidenced by promptness, vigilance, industry, and earnestness.

2. Economy-This is the middle or exchange for all things monetarily, physically, and spiritually. You must find your economy balance in each of money, food, clothing, recreation, rest, time, and energy. And, once found, focus them upon the achievement of your goal. It is evidenced by moderation, efficiency, resourcefulness, and originality.

3. Integrity-This is the equal exchange of value for prosperity. Each action in business carries a price and that price must be paid or the benefit desired will not be lasting. You must not swerve or compromise. Right-doing is the soul of integrity. It is evidenced by honesty, fearlessness, purposefulness, and invincibility.

4. System- This is a set of rigid, organized steps to a process. An organized business man or woman can achieve head and shoulders beyond a sloppy counterpart. It is not what works on a one time transaction but what works on multiple transactions with the same effort. It is evidenced by readiness, accurateness, utility, and comprehensiveness.

5. Sympathy-This being aware of others suffering or challenges and offering a helping hand. The basis for all transactions is to assist someone else achieve a want, need, or desire in their life. It is evidenced by kindness, generosity, gentleness, and insight.

6. Sincerity-This is you “ringing-true” or passing anywhere and everywhere at full value. Sincerity and morality are intertwined and you can weigh a man’s sincerity through his morality. It is evidenced by simplicity, attractiveness, transparency, and power.

7. Impartiality-This is doing away with preconceived opinions and letting the facts and evidence speak for themselves. This is thinking and placing yourself outside the box to allow for growth. It is evidenced by justice, patience, calmness, and wisdom.

8. Self-Reliance-This is standing up for what you are and not what others want you to be. There is no substitute for the hero of a man who stands firm in his action and belief. It is evidenced by decision, steadfastness, dignity, and independence.

These time honored truths propel each business man or woman to the forefront in whatever endeavor they choose.

Offline or online there is no difference. It is not the business you are in, how it is brought to market, or the method you use to connect with others.

It is only these power principles that bring forth prosperity into your business and life.

CALL TO ACTION: For the next hour focus on the principle of Energy. Make action your helper. Then, take each of the power principles and concentrate and put into massive action each one. At the end of tonight when you reflect in your journal, note the change in level of confidence you have now to move forward in your business.

Brian Cosper

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