Wednesday, 4 April 2012

5 Strategies to get Maximum Benefit out of Linked In

Being in the Internet Marketing business for a relatively short period of just over 3 months, I have learned some valuable tips on how to get maximum benefit out of using LinkedIn as an effective marketing platform. Over 135 Million users including Professionals/ Small businesses/ Corporations are using LinkedIn. However, few of them get maximum benefit from LinkedIn.

I would like to share with you some basic strategies to generate business on LinkedIn.

1. Get Ranked No 1 in Search Results for your respective field. How? Through your LinkedIn Profile Management by redoing your Profile with keywords, rewriting sections of your profile i.e. Headline, Summary, Experience, Education, Contact Info. In my personal capacity, if you do a "People Search" with the keyword "Opportunities" and click the magnifying glass button, you will see that out of 2,044,751 results, I am ranked No 1. Also, if you do the same search with "Sharing" as the keyword,  you will see that out of 343,228 results, I am ranked No 1.

2. For more advanced users you can also create Slide-share presentations as an additional content on your Profile for your targets. Use Applications like Creative Portfolio Display to attract targets.

3. Joining 50 Groups is free!  Avail of this opportunity fully to drive new business opportunities by actively participating in discussions, helping and sharing with others.

4. Develop / Start your own Group relevant to your business (for example "Sharing Opportunities with Others") and engage businesses/ professionals in discussions, help them, share with them. This will attract potential clients/ customers to contact you as an Expert.

5. Build your Group by promoting your Products/ Services, attracting potential talent, sharing advice and through cross marketing on other platforms, for example:

I hope you will benefit as much as I have with these basic but valuable strategy tips.
To your Success! 


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