Tuesday, 28 August 2012

International Smart Media Success Stories!

Thank you to our fantastic teams from around the world for sharing these photos and success stories! Here we share stories from just a few of our teams around the world: In Malaysia, the Philippines, New Zealand and South Africa.

One of our fantastic leaders, Tahir, has recently started building a terrific team in Malaysia. He says: “We have people in our team whose stories simply touched so many people, brought tears to so many eyes and inspired so many more.

There were people who fired their bosses within less than 3 weeks of being with Smart Media; people who for the first time took their mother to Subway to eat food and he felt so happy about it; a waiter who fired his boss so that he can go all out with Smart Media; a 19 year old kid who is an orphan, does a full time job at a cafe and in less than 3 weeks crossed over $1,000 and bought himself a brand new bike.

One of our team groups had organised an event for 100 people and 120 people showed up. It was one of many electrifying events that we've had!

I can go on and on and I was so happy to see how Smart Media is changing lives of so many people out here within just the first few months of me being here and how it will change lives of hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of people, as our group grows around the world.

Our business in the Philippines is another example of the excitement being created by Smart Media and Home Page Pays. We have many leadership groups developing and sales are coming in daily right across the Philippines.

We would like to acknowledge several leaders. We are grateful to Ricky and Noel who have been doing a magnificent job building their teams in the Philippines. Both have been fantastic leaders and have been conducting their own meetings.
We would also like to thank Denise who is working with closely Steve and some of her other teams to develop a very exciting business.

New Zealand

Gene, an amazing leader in New Zealand, is another person supporting a team in the Philippines. He shows how simple it is to build a global business. He says, “Some say New Zealand is the Country that’s further away from the rest of the world than anywhere else. And while it’s true, just look at a map of the world, there is so much that we do well that keeps us in touch with the world.

Take the Rugby World cup, our Rowing sport champs and so many other areas as well. Also in the Business world we do great things too. So now let’s look at the one business that is really close to my heart... Smart Media.

We have a great team here that is starting to make waves or should I say “ride the waves”.

I started doing webinars last year and in no time we had a team of several hundred people, so then we began our fortnightly breakfast meetings, which became a big hit. We have had to move venue twice as we outgrew them!!

Now we have a great venue which we won’t outgrow for a while, which also has good food... WOW!

Now that Smart Media Magazine has been released… all I can say is DOUBLE WOW!

Smart Media Magazine is the Story, the Presentation and our Credibility all in one.

I am a convert with “2-a-day, 20-in-play” that you will find in the Training section, as it’s the way to really get your business right to the top.

Now with Thousands of Members in NZ we are definitely on track to help make a better world.
I suggest you just DO the following:

    Do the basics
    Do them well
    Do them often
    Do not slow
    Do not quit
    Do become a success story
    See you all in the winner’s circle!”

Thank you Gene for all the tremendous things you are doing!

South Africa

One of our leaders in South Africa, Andrew says, “We knew we were onto something with Smart Media, but never in our wildest dreams did we realise just how big!

We are not anything special and I therefore rather I attribute it to the “no brainer” product Smart Media has developed in HPP. Yes, of course it has taken hard work, but working hard to make our business a success has been an absolute pleasure.

Dean and I decided to take Smart Media seriously 10 months ago and now we have almost 1000 Reps in South African team, which is growing rapidly with new members joining each day. If you had told us this would happen a year ago, we would not have believed it as we have both previously dabbled in Network Marketing with only varying degrees of success.

We simply started using the tools, such as the videos on the website and the international webinars. Soon our team began to grow and in early February Dean and I started doing our own South Africa specific webinars. Along with the international webinars, these turned out to be a great hit and we regularly had over 40 people attending and sometimes up to 100.

Then, in March, people started requesting we do live events. The first was a huge success with over 50 people attending.

As our team grew, we had similar events being held by leaders in other parts of South Africa. We could not have got to where we are today without them. THAT is what this business is about isn’t it? Duplication and leverage!

During this time, we have experienced amazing support from Smart Media corporate and David Martin himself. Recently, we had server issues in a certain area in South Africa which had nothing to do with the company, yet David felt he needed to look at it personally in order for our members to have the best possible experience with HPP.

Lawrence, one of our team leaders was one of the people with the server issues, so David took control of his computer in order to run a "live test" and obtain data that could be submitted to "TELKOM SA". David had things popping up on his computer that we have never seen before. Our future is in the right hands from an IT perspective… David Martin is a computer wizz.

We all felt that what we took away from the webinar with David is his passion and the focus. We can’t communicate all of his insight as this was confidential, however, what we can tell you is that he makes decisions that impact the company in the most positive manner; he has integrity and he certainly knows where Smart Media is going. Be assured, the fantastic new product developments will allow anyone who takes action to earn extraordinary income.”

Thank you Andrew and Dean. You are another example of people who, in your own words, have merely "dabbled" in network marketing and yet with Smart Media, you have become true leaders and you and your team deserve all the success that is coming your way.

Special thanks to all of the leaders who have sent us photos of your success. For all the other leaders who sent us photos and success stories, we will include them in future announcements. These is just a few of the many success stories that leaders all around the world are having with Smart Media, Today.

Smart Media is the place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed... it is all about believing you can do it and taking action.

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