Saturday, 28 April 2012

10 Helpful Websites you may not know Existed!

The web is a big place, and there are any number of useful websites out there that no one person has the time or ability to locate. Luckily, we’ve compiled a top ten of the best ones to spare you the hassle. Let’s get started!

#10: Mailinator
While surfing the web, you often need an email address for other sites, but you may prefer not to give out your personal account. Just make up a name, attach, and that address is automatically generated, with no sign-up required!

#9: Zamzar
It’s frustrating trying to view a file, only to get an error message due to not having the appropriate program. At Zamzar, you can upload a file up to 100 mb in size, and convert it into any number of common file types, without installing anything.

#8: F.lux
You may not realize it, but if you sit at a computer all day, you may be causing yourself sleep issues. F.lux automatically adjusts your display’s color based on lighting conditions and time of day to prevent this. Just set it and forget it.

#7: Backblaze
Anyone who’s suffered a total computer crash knows the importance of having backups. Backblaze offers unlimited online backup space for as little as $4 a month. Your data is encrypted automatically as well.

#6: Slickdeals
Using Slickdeals is like having that friend who knows about all the good sales around town, only for the entire internet. New deals on everything from TVs to body lotion are posted daily by users from all over the country.

#5: Dropbox
If you’ve ever emailed files to yourself or had to run back and forth with thumb drives between your computer, you need this site. Dropbox provides an online folder you can save files to and then access on any computer immediately.

#4: YouTube to mp3
Everyone has wanted to download a a great YouTube clip to listen to later at some point. YouTube to mp3 makes this easy. Just enter the URL for the video, and their site will automatically convert it into an mp3 file which you can then download directly!

#3: Prey Project
Prey Project keeps data on your laptop, tablet, or phone safe from thieves by allowing you to remotely lock down your devices, and even provides GPS info to help locate them.

#2: Ninite
This site will save you hours of installing basic programs on new or newly formatted computers. Just pick your preferred programs from their list and press the button at the bottom, and you’ll get an installer file that includes all of them.

#1: Aviary
Aviary provides an online suite of tools for virtually every function. It has editors for images, audio, effects, vectors, and color swatches, and runs right in your browser!

Hopefully, this list reveals how effortless your computer time can be with the right sites bookmarked. For almost any function, there’s a website out there that can do it!


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