Saturday, 21 September 2013

Get Paid While your friends & neighbours Watch TV for FREE!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ProMatrix Plus - Turn $27.50 into 1 Million!

If you want to advertise your business and get paid for it as well….. ProMatrix Plus offers lifetime advertising for any business you choose to promote.

ProMatrixPlus is a cycler program with a forced 2x2 matrix, with spill over from the top. You get to advertise 3 Text Ads, 3 Banner Ads and 1 Full Page "Log In" ad, plus many other marketing tools for any program that you are promoting. 

There are webinar & training video's in the back office. The beauty about this program is that there is only a ONCE OFF fee of $25 ($27.50 with STP fees) and the potential to turn that $25 into $1 Million! 

If you are interested and confident that you can get just 2 people to join under you then CLICK HERE

See more about the money making opportunity in this video:

The Ultimate Cycler - Make over $1 000 per Day!

Ultimate Cycler is a very powerful and easy program to work. For a $25 One-Time payment you receive a permanent position in to Ultimate Cycler! Ultimate Cycler pays 100% commission and pays instantly! You can join now and have your initial entry fee back in minutes and be making money within and hour! All you have to do is share it!

Why join Ultimate Cycler? #1 is the income that you can receive and #2 The Lead Scraper software that is offered to you free. This software will allow you find an endless amount of leads that you can use for any program that you are promoting!

Ultimate Cycler offers a true “follow your sponsor” system. It works as a true 2 x 2 matrix and offers a incredible amount of spillover if you just work the system.
If you use the system the way it’s designed, you will earn a great income, have an incredible feeder program and will form an incredible database that you will be able to use over and over again in your business.

Watch the video below! Don’t make this complicated! It is simple and you need to keep it simple! Share, teach and receive!
For more Info CLICK HERE

For more Info CLICK HERE

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Win BIG with "Give them the Pickle Contest"!

The contest will play out like this:
• The person who earns the most points by referring people to We The People Downline Clubs group page @ and they register for a free position in our downline group @ WINS!!! Also a huge part of “Give’em the Pickle Contest” is anyone who participates in this contest WINS!!!!
• The contest will be tracked through the signup page. There will a “referred by” box on our signup page. So this needs to be filled out when it’s emailed in by the new member!!! There is NO coming back and saying “Joan was suppose to put my name in the box”!
• There is an “Everyone Wins” clause in this contest also!!! If you participate in the contest and your name comes up on the signup sheets as a referrer, THEN YOU ALSO WIN!!!!!
What is the prizes???
• Grand Prize is a 50” Flat Screen TV or a Laptop “your choice” (we’re going to be reasonable here, its not a $2000 SmartTV or a Apple Computer) and (minimum 25 new We The People Downline Club Members to qualify)
• 2nd Prize is a $250 Visa Gift Card (minimum 20 new members to qualify)
• 3rd Prize – is a reward prize and everyone that participates WINS. The prize will be a “Better Position in the Downline”, which means the person or person’s who refer the most people, to the person who refers the least will be given “in order” the NEXT top spot’s in the downline and other contest participants will follow below them at the end of the contest, based on the amount of people they refer (YES THE DOWNLINE IS RESHAPING) and will be calculated this way. This is a way to gain a top position within our Xplocial Team Build!!!! We are rewarding the workers of We The People!!!
o What if “I already have my 4 members” and I win the contest? Then your 4 members will be moved up the line to the next position to have their new members placed by We The People
o What if one of my new members win the contest? We will give you the next space below the winner in the downline (or your people will be able to move up if you have your 4)
o Get the grasp of things here. Win the contest, move up in the line. Participate in the contest and move up the line. Already have your members, you will win your powerline a chance to gain a better position in the downline.
o ALSO, during the contest, it will be business as usual. We will be placing members that join We The People and ready for Xplocial in the order that the downline is presently.
o The downline will not change until the contest is over!!!
o The Contest starts Friday @ 7:00EST and end Wednesday the 21st. The Contest is “10 DAYS”

• Counting and Tracking the points for the Contest!
o Every new member to We The People Downline Club counts as “1” point (tracked by the signup sheet ) They must put the members name in the “referred by” box to be counted. Please do not come back to us after the member has signed up. They need to know who referred them at the time they sign up!!
o Every new ProMatrixPlus member will count as an additional “2” points (Please contact Kristi Johnson to notify her of the member signing up or for placement if recruiting member does not participate in ProMatrixPlus presently)
o Every new Xplocial member will count as an additional “5” points and Platinum is an additional “5” points, so it could be a total of “10 points” (Please contact Sarah Britt Gooden) to notify her of the addition of the new Xplocial member so they can be counted and placed in the downline) Place the member under you if you don’t have your 1st four member’s or place them under one of the members under you if you do have your four members.

I hope that you have grasped that the way to win this contest is to interact and talk to your new members. If you follow the script when speaking with potential members, YOU CAN WIN THIS CONTEST!!! More than winning though, you will have just added tons of new members in to Xplocial, “PLATINUM MEMBERS” !!!!

Are you serious about your business??? If so, then now is the time to show it!!! 
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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

We the People Downline Club!

We The People Downline Club was set up on June 17th, 2013 with one goal in mind. That goal was to build a group which formed a “free” downline to become active in global network marketing opportunities. We recognized the problem with this industry and the problem is there was never support in place to teach people how to be successful and profitable in the industry. We have changed all of that by working as a group and teaching our new members how to be more successful than the members that have brought you here. That is what sets us aside from every other club out there.

To become a member and reserve your “FREE” position in We The People Downline Club, visit our link and fill in your information @ and the next available position our downline is yours! We post our position’s daily so check back with us tomorrow and find you name in our downline. This is located under the “files” tab above.

On July 1st, 2013 after a vote by the members of “We The People Downline Club”, we chose to join the business opportunity Xplocial , one of the strongest network marketing opportunities to arise in years!!! By July 5th, we were one of the largest groups in Xplocial and we ARE “Xplocial’s Fastest Growing Group”!!! How did we manage to become “Xplocial’s Fastest Growing Group”? We are building our group on a 4X4 matrix inside the organization. Members of “We The People Downline Club” are excited, motivated and eager to help all new members secure there assigned position in this group build. We’re ready for you to join us today also. If you’ve been looking for an opportunity, you have found it!!!! Actually we are more than an opportunity, this is a home. After securing your free position in “We The People Downline Club”, you will never try to join another program alone! We want you to secure your position in Xplocial today also. If you’re ready to help “We The People Downline Club” build your position, then sign up at the link and within just a few hours you will be provided your sponsor’s link and instructions to sign up!!! This also secures your position in line to have your 4 people assigned to you. It’s a simple and amazing concept. Keep it simple and you will grow!!! Or signup directly under me for the same benefits.
Please join and participate on our Facebook group page, begin looking for our website which will be active on July 12, 2013 and come over to Google+ and participate in our Google hangouts!

Links - Facebook - Google + page - Sign up to secure your free position with “We The People Downline Club” - Sign up to secure your position in Xplocial (fee required) Sign up with me to secure your position in Xplocial (fee required) – Website (active July 12th, 2013)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Catch Your DREAMS!

"There's No Time to Lose I heard her say,

Catch your Dreams Before they Slip Away!

Dying all the Time.....

Lose your Dreams & you...... will Lose Your Mind!

Ain't Life Unkind?"

"The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video"
Don't let Life be Unkind to you! Catch this dream before it slips away!

Friday, 22 February 2013

HPP v2 Access for ALL Active Members

HPP v2 Access for ALL Active Members

This week we will be releasing HPP v2 to all “active” Ultimate Members and from that time on, every new person who purchases an HPP Branding Package will be given INSTANT access to HPP v2.

This is the time you have all been waiting for and this now provides all of you with a huge opportunity. You now know that when you are sharing our story with someone, they can get access by registering and purchasing any of the HPP Branding packages.

You now know that all of your Free Members can have access to HPP v2 by purchasing any of the HPP branding packages.
This puts more money in your pocket because whenever someone buys any of the HPP Branding Packages, you will earn a Direct Sales Bonus as well as points being created for Team Commissions.

More great news!

To assist you in making the MOST of this opportunity, we have been working behind the scenes on some new marketing tools for you. These will be available over the coming days and weeks.

The first of these is the new product descriptions for our HPP Branding Packages.

Home Page Pays is our flagship and we thought it just made sense to name all the products within it HPP. Here are the product names and descriptions. Click on the links in order to view the product descriptions:

Some important things to notice:

  • All packages now are branded with HPP to link it back to our flagship platform
    • The Standard package has been changed to Basic Plus
      • This package now has the “Name in Lights” feature 
    • The Super Value package has been changed to Professional 
    • Notice the value included in the HPP Branding Packages
      • When we started to itemise everything included in each of these packages, we realised just how much we had been underselling the value of these products

You now have these PDF descriptions that you can hand out to your prospects.

Smart Media Who, What & Why?

This PDF explains Smart Media and HPP in a nutshell. When someone asks you what it is all about, send them this file and they will want to know more!

Over the coming days and weeks:
  • The Product pages and the videos will be updated
  • There will be a BIG makeover to your virtual office
  • The Smart Media Products tab will soon truly reflect all of our great products
  • The Smart Media Technologies website will receive a makeover to celebrate this great occasion
  • We are working on 2 new coaching modules:
    • Basic Training & Hall of Fame Certified Training
      • These are designed to take a brand new person by the hand and walk them through step by step!
      • More on these coming soon!

What’s your next step?
  1. Make sure you are “Active”
  2. Make sure your team members are “Active” so that they also get access to HPP v2 this week!
  3. Share Smart Media and HPP with everyone you know through your website and the Smart Media Who, What & Why 

Friday, 8 February 2013

On a Magic Carpet Ride!

Well, you don't know what we can find
Why don't you come with me little girl
On a magic carpet ride!

Well, you don't know what we can see
Why don't you tell your dreams to me
Fantasy will set you free 

Close your eyes now, look inside now
Let these opportunities take you away!!!!!!!!

Fantastic song by Steppenwolf, now how about some fantastic opportunities by Tartra Technologies to blow your mind.......come with me little Girl on that Magic Carpet Ride!