Friday, 22 February 2013

HPP v2 Access for ALL Active Members

HPP v2 Access for ALL Active Members

This week we will be releasing HPP v2 to all “active” Ultimate Members and from that time on, every new person who purchases an HPP Branding Package will be given INSTANT access to HPP v2.

This is the time you have all been waiting for and this now provides all of you with a huge opportunity. You now know that when you are sharing our story with someone, they can get access by registering and purchasing any of the HPP Branding packages.

You now know that all of your Free Members can have access to HPP v2 by purchasing any of the HPP branding packages.
This puts more money in your pocket because whenever someone buys any of the HPP Branding Packages, you will earn a Direct Sales Bonus as well as points being created for Team Commissions.

More great news!

To assist you in making the MOST of this opportunity, we have been working behind the scenes on some new marketing tools for you. These will be available over the coming days and weeks.

The first of these is the new product descriptions for our HPP Branding Packages.

Home Page Pays is our flagship and we thought it just made sense to name all the products within it HPP. Here are the product names and descriptions. Click on the links in order to view the product descriptions:

Some important things to notice:

  • All packages now are branded with HPP to link it back to our flagship platform
    • The Standard package has been changed to Basic Plus
      • This package now has the “Name in Lights” feature 
    • The Super Value package has been changed to Professional 
    • Notice the value included in the HPP Branding Packages
      • When we started to itemise everything included in each of these packages, we realised just how much we had been underselling the value of these products

You now have these PDF descriptions that you can hand out to your prospects.

Smart Media Who, What & Why?

This PDF explains Smart Media and HPP in a nutshell. When someone asks you what it is all about, send them this file and they will want to know more!

Over the coming days and weeks:
  • The Product pages and the videos will be updated
  • There will be a BIG makeover to your virtual office
  • The Smart Media Products tab will soon truly reflect all of our great products
  • The Smart Media Technologies website will receive a makeover to celebrate this great occasion
  • We are working on 2 new coaching modules:
    • Basic Training & Hall of Fame Certified Training
      • These are designed to take a brand new person by the hand and walk them through step by step!
      • More on these coming soon!

What’s your next step?
  1. Make sure you are “Active”
  2. Make sure your team members are “Active” so that they also get access to HPP v2 this week!
  3. Share Smart Media and HPP with everyone you know through your website and the Smart Media Who, What & Why 

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