Friday, 24 August 2012

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Today I wanted to share a thought with all of you. I was thinking of various markets for our Smart Media business.

Have you noticed how many direct marketers are now using the Social Networks and online sites to promote and brand themselves?

Guess what: they are all coming to Smart Media!

How do I know that for sure?
Simple: The same reason they are using Facebook and all the others.
What we offer with our Super Value Branding Package is much more
powerful and valuable to all of these people than anything else available.

Just read the Smart Media Magazine articles:

“Smart Media Advertising & Branding” Pages 20 - 23

“A Revolution in Advertising” Page 24

“The Worth Of 20 Minutes of Advertising” Page 25

Watch the Advertising Branding video. This is found on the Advertising
Page of your SMT website. Sub Menu of Product Page.

Imagine the magnitude of this market alone. Any person who is currently
in a network marketing business, affiliates, Internet marketers. Work from
Home Mums and Dads. The potential of this market is mind boggling and
you can very easily have as much of it as you desire.

I promise you, they are all coming. It is just a matter of who tells them first.
Someone is going to tell them and someone is going to get paid.

WHY not YOU?

The choice is yours and those of you that realize this and take action
will be very happy you did.

It really is simple, the people in this market are looking for a way to
build a list of potential members for their businesses. They are looking
for something that can help them promote their business and make
connections. You have everything they are looking for and much more.

The $400 Super Value Package is packed full of value and you also now
have a simple way to share this with them. Give them the Magazine and
point out the articles written above. You could also mention:

Pages 10 & 11 the article about 1 to 1001+ and The Money is in the list articles.

Then guide them to the advertising video.

I know some of you are already out there working this market everyday
and congratulations to you for being the first to see the magnitude of this
market. Right now you have everything in place to set yourselves up for
life. The only thing that can prevent YOUR success is YOU.

I wish everyone of you HUGE success with us and enjoy the journey.
Have fun and build connections.
Please feel free to add your comments.

To your Success

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