Thursday, 13 December 2012

Pay Per Click Income Activated in HPP v2

The Pay Per Click income has just been activated for HPP v2 and it has been designed to remain on permanently.

This means that as we roll out HPP v2 and you get access to it, you will also have the PPC income. In the future, we'll be explaining how we have developed and expanded the PPC system far beyond what members were promised in addition to the other passive income systems that work automatically with Free Members that are being designed into HPP v2.

HPP v2 is a game changer and unlike many companies, Smart Media is very quiet about some of its key features until they are released because we don't want to give our ideas away for them to be copied. To put it simply, we're giving members more than they were told, as our Phase 1 leaders have already discovered with HPP v2 (and as our Phase #2 members are about to discover!)

Of course, the importance of this being activated right now is that the phase 1 team can demonstrate the PPC income working.


The other key concept is that while Smart Media has been developing HPP v2, YOU have been developing YOUR HPP v2 through your efforts and the efforts of your team. HPP v2 has been designed as a system that makes YOU look good and to help those who have been making their businesses grow the most look like heroes. The more that you are doing during this time to grow your business and help your team to flourish major unexpected benefits will come to you. Many of the leaders have expressed that HPP v2 was beyond their expectations and this is just the beginning.

Below is a collection of more wonderful experiences shared by the Phase 1 Team

"Today I was able to see the real power of Chirps where we were all communicating with each other so effectively. We could not only communicate but also add pictures and videos instantly seen by everyone in our friends list. What a powerful tool that brings all of us so close and gets information spread across everyone so fast."
"Awesome! HPP Smart mail is very easy to use!

Played with Ultra Ball -- Many kids will just love to play this game! -- Smart Media is on the way to greatness!"
"I am demonstrating Smart HPP 2.0 to 20 people and they all shouted I LOVE HPP 2.0!"
"I see the ability to grow any size organization, group or charity with all the tools inside the HPP system in a next generation setting of caring and sharing."
"David, I must say that you nailed it with both Smart Mail and Smart Discussions and now that they have been created, it is time to watch them grow.

At first glance they seem like very simple ideas - Smart Mail looks like email and Smart Discussions looks like Facebook pages, but the only reason is because we only have the ability to compare stuff to something we already know. Very few people are able to see ""the possibilities"". YOU surely are one of those people. So, at first people will say, “Oh, it is like this or that, only they pay you”, but soon they will see that these things are nothing like anything else.

When you consider that the whole idea of the Internet, posed 69 years ago by Vanner Bush, was to create a massive brain that everyone could plug into because we had reached a point that we had way too much information to be able to use, search and find, which was hindering mankind's ability to progress. Then you look at what the Internet is today after all that time and we have not even come close to reaching Vanner Bush’s goal. What we have is piles and piles of often garbage information that we have to dig through. It does not matter if you are an expert, because unless you spend tons of money advertising, no one is ever going to find your site.
Smart Discussions will bring that closer to reality than anything in its 69 year history and when you put all of HPP together, I do believe you will cause that idea to become a reality.

In my mind, what you have created here is a whole new Internet, using the current Internet as a backbone. And, while it is still in its infancy, I believe it will grow at lightning speed because at Smart Media, we are one massive brain, all in one place and not scattered all over the far reaches of cyberspace."

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