Thursday, 13 December 2012

Home Page Pays 2.0 Roll-out Plan!

Home Page Pays 2.0 will be released in phases.
As soon as a member is invited to review their release of HPP 2.0, they will begin to set up their Avatar use the Social Networking Communications Hub (Smart Chat, Smart Chirp, Smart Mail, Smart Discussion) choose their friends, and more. They'll be able to play Smart Media Games, customise top sites, load some Fantastic Videos and even begin to customise the branding for THEIR HPP 2.0 immediately!

1.    Phase 1 – HPP 2.0 will be released to established leaders who have the first opportunity to make Home Page Pays 2.0 THEIR Home Page Pays 2.0. They will have significant influence on the next phase of HPP 2.0.

2.    Phase 2 - HPP 2.0 will be released to a special group of paid members who have achieved some level in the Smart Games Promotion. (Update. Phase 2 released 14 December 2012)

The members entering this phase will also have a major time advantage over many other members in defining how their Home Page Pays is going to look. They will be experiencing the release in the order based on how well they did in the promotion. Those who reached the top level in the promotion will be invited first, then the next level and so on...

They will be amongst those who get the first chance to review and give valuable feedback that will influence changes in HPP 2.0. Also included in this phase will be HPP founding members and other select leaders who have given so much to the Smart Media Networking Community. The feedback of this group will have great impact on the final product.

They will also influence the final HPP 2.0 release.

3.    Phase 3 - HPP 2.0 will be releasd to all paid members who have not been previously invited.

4.    Phase 4 - HPP 2.0 will be released to all members.

Why should you drive your business now?
There is an explosion around the corner. There will be those who make their fortune and those who don't. What will be the difference?

There are three things that you need to do to ride the wave of this "next big thing".
1.    Being in the right place at the right time
2.    Knowing that you're there
3.    Doing something about it

Some people will be prepared for this great opportunity. Those people will reap the rewards. You see HPP 2.0 is really a Smart Media Community effort. And like most communities, the Smart Media community rewards those who put the most efforts into building that community. The time to build momentum is today! When that momentum gets the superpower of the HPP 2.0 release, business will skyrocket. Remember, in business “Timing is Everything”.

If you understand that the members of the Smart Media Community are building Home Page Pays 2.0 alongside Smart Media you realise the question is not when Smart Media will finish Home Page Pays 2.0, but when will the members finish it WITH Smart Media?

There are four things you need to be doing to build YOUR HPP 2.0 today.
1.    Build YOUR business by actively referring people to the Smart Media products.
2.    Participate effectively in the Smart Media Games promotion.
3.    Give out Smart Media magazines in both hard copy (if possible) and digital format
4.    Use and teach others to use the 2-a-Day, 20-in-Play system

The race to stake your claim on the HPP 2.0 Gold Rush has been on since the 1st of September.
The gold fields of HPP 2.0 are being grabbed by the members who have been moving the fastest.
When will YOU stake your claim? Join HERE!

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