Thursday, 15 March 2012

Looking Towards the Future with Smart Media

Why has Smart Media been keeping so quiet about the major things that it’s working on?

Over the last few months, Smart Media has been doing a number of extremely exciting things, without announcing almost any of them. Many people who are used to direct sales companies may not understand this at first.

You see, there are many companies that continuously throw marketing hype at their members and make big promises about what they are going to have, even though they don’t have the resources to deliver. Often they don’t even realise that they don’t have the resources to fulfill their goals because they considerably underestimate the technical resources and the money that it takes to truly lead the world of technology.

Smart Media has been doing the opposite by throwing huge resources at major projects and then choosing to innovate in silence.

You may also notice that many of the largest and best run companies in the world, such as Apple and many top Internet companies, tend to keep very quiet about their progress until the moment they release a major update. Why do they do this? Because they are real. They know that this is the way real technology companies act.

Always remember that Smart Media is not a direct sales company with a technology product. It is a technology company with an opportunity for the masses. The distinction may seem small at first, but it’s incredibly important and foundational to our success. It’s one of the reasons why we will still have the best opportunity 10 years from now, because the value to members comes first.

Often it is very difficult for us to remain silent because we want to tell our members about all the exciting things that we are doing.

In 2012, we have been focused on a new era where we deliver huge benefits within the Home Page Pays system that we never even promised. Huge updates for Mobile Devices is also on the list.

Even though we won’t reveal our biggest updates yet, we can share some very important foundational updates with you, our members.

Member Support

Smart Media is strengthening its ability in responding to members support questions expeditiously. We have hired and are training additional support personnel to increase the speed that we answer questions from members as well as addressing those that are more complicated. Our Programmers have created many new features for the Support Administrators that will result in greater support efficiency, the ability to expedite addressing tickets and will allow our Support Administrators to provide a higher level of quality level assurance than ever before.

Smart Media also evaluates the support requests that take the longest to answer because they are the most difficult and require more extended research. Our goal is to enhance the speed of our responsiveness up to 100% for the most difficult support requests that we have and we have been building the technology and hiring the staff to do so.

Server Expansion

Smart Media is currently involved in a major server expansion. We are expanding our worldwide server clusters (a server cluster is a number of high speed servers networked together) to handle our evolving website data bandwidth. We are planning for the mid-range future as well as the long-term future. Smart Media prides itself on its current quality systems. By increasing the performance and efficiency of those systems, we will be ready for the future and the ability to do much more for members all around the world.

Programming Team Expansion

Fifteen new Programmers have been hired and are working diligently on a secret Smart Media project. This project will make the Home Pays Page much more powerful for all members. Free members will use Home Page Pays for many more hours a day due to this project. We will strategically unveil this and other secret projects at the time that they are ready to be released.

New Administrative Assistants

We have added Administrative Assistants to our support team. They will work with certain Leaders and our Creative Design and Programming Teams on our websites and back office of Smart Media. You will be seeing some of their first results within the next few days.

Updates to the Members Back Office Accounting System

You can also expect to see updates about Smart Media’s back office accounting system. Although we already have an excellent system, we have identified some areas where we can be even more transparent, especially in relation to any failed payment transactions. These additional back office account enhancements deserve their own announcements, which will be released immediately after these updates are available within each member’s back office.


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