Thursday, 22 March 2012

Audio Coaching Lesson No 1 - "Non-Attachment"

Hello Smart Media Friends,

A message from Stephen Wright of Smart Media Technologies.

I am recording a series of short coaching calls that will have some of the most valuable tips I have learned over the years. I will send them through to you and once you have listened to them, you can decide how they can be of value to you.

Here is the first one on "Non-Attachment". It is only 10 minutes and this is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my substantial years in Internet Marketing.

A message from me.

Folks the main message here is to ensure that you genuinely CARE about people and are not in this game for Self Fulfillment. What can you sincerely do to help others, not for personal gain, but for their well-being and success.

Listen in and I hope you find it of value too no matter what your Business Opportunity is, it applies throughout.


Leon Tartra Technologies

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