Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Home Page Pay$ New Features for FREE members

During February 2012, Smart Media Technologies started Weekly & Monthly Cash Prizes and New Features for Smart Points!

Where else can you register for free, go to a website, click a box and have a chance to Win $500?

And it gets even better that!
We are also adding cash prizes to the monthly prizes with FOUR prize winners for February!

    1 lucky member will win an Acer Netbook
    1 lucky member will win $500 cash
    2 lucky members will win $250 cash

Expect to see some very exciting prizes to come in the future.

The Smart Points system offers Free & Paid Members so much more.
Imagine using Smart Points to enter competitions that give you chances to WIN larger prizes like holidays, getaways, cruises and even BIG CASH prizes.

This is just the very beginning of what will become a huge online giveaway contest and has already started.

We will be adding many exclusive skill-based games to our special games section with some of them being made available this month.

Imagine our global members playing games against each other to WIN large prizes!

The Smart Points online shopping centre will be filled with entertainment, music and products that you will love and you and your Free Members can buy these with the Smart Points we give you for free.

There is no other system in the world that you can join for free and have a chance to win prizes, receive points that buy you valuable things you love and the chance to win large prizes in our sweepstakes.

Make sure to attend our live Webinars to stay up-to-date on all the latest breaking news!

Now is the perfect time to Share this valuable system with everyone you know BEFORE someone else does!

Home Page Pays Prize Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our first three major Home Page Pays Prize WInners!!!

We started Free Member registration on the 31st of January and we already have 3 winners:

Stephen from California, USA was the winner of our first monthly prize of a New Acer NetBook.
Upon receiving his prize, Stephen commented: "Thank you Smart Media Technologies and Mr. David Martin for this great laptop, I really love it. I have been telling all my family and friends about Home Page Pays and the chances to win, they’re excited. Thanks again, for such a Great Gift! And thank you Homepage pays.!"
Wally from Auckland, New Zealand, has won our first weekly prize of a New iPod Nano.
The Prize has been shipped to Wally in New Zealand at the company's cost! (As always)!
Seon from Essex, UK, the next weekly winner, has won $500, which is being sent to him by Wire Transfer at the Company's cost!

Congratulations to you all!

Nobody ever spends any money in order to be a winner. Everything is free for your members, forever.

Who do you know with a computer who would like the chance to win some great prizes or cash? Register as a FREE Member or REPRESENTATIVE TODAY!

This is just the very beginning of our Smart Media journey and it is about to get a whole lot better, so invite as many people as possible to join you on the ride of a lifetime to a better future.

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