Monday, 23 July 2012

When is the best time to tell people about Smart Media or Home Page Pays?

We realise everyone is very excited about HPP 2.0 and wants it released ASAP. Some of you are even waiting for its release before telling people about it, while others are already sharing it with everyone they know.

Who is right?

There is no right or wrong in this situation and each of us has to choose what we feel is best for us. I am sharing this information with you with the hope it may help you to understand how I feel.

Here is a very powerful story that shows it from both sides that might help with your decision.

This is a true story involving Stephen and Carol (Top SMT Reps)

Many years ago, both Stephen and Carol were told about a company that was starting up. They were given the opportunity to pre-purchase and pre-sell the product before it was released. All they had was the promise of what was coming. There was NO free offer and people had to either pay $200 to join, or wait. It was a direct sales company that had only one income stream, similar to our 2xInfinity income but it was capped at $20,000 weekly, where Smart Media is capped at a massive $50,000 weekly. The company had no free member offer and they could not even demonstrate or sample the product.

They each joined the company. Carol decided to wait while Stephen, believed in the company and told everyone about it and let them make their own choices:

1.    They could say, “No thanks, I am not interested”
2. They could wait until the product was released and then join
3. They could join now to get positioned and wait until the product was released before they told anyone
4. They could join now and do what he was doing… Tell everyone they knew now and let those people decide which of the 4 choices was best for them

After 120 days of pre-sales promotion, Stephen had a good team and was earning close to $2,000 per week. He had team members earning hundreds of dollars weekly but the fun REALLY started when the product was released…

In the next 30 days, Stephen’s income went from almost $2,000 per week to $20,000 per week and in the following 30 days it went to over $30,000+ per week! He had team members earning money they never thought was possible for them!

How did they achieve this within just 30 to 60 days of the product being released?

Because they took advantage of great timing and had the power of leverage working for them. They already had many people who had either joined or were ready to join who were set to tell everyone they knew. Stephen and his “movers” had already been doing it for 120 days so their work was done. All of those people that took action earned hundreds of thousands to millions.

Carol, on the other hand, only got going with that same company upon the release of the product. However, she found that many people had already joined or had heard about it from someone else. While Stephen was making a 7-figure income, Carol was only just getting started!!!

She LOST a huge advantage because she waited and was never able to catch the ones who had been working while she was waiting… something she has always regretted and it was a very big lesson learned.

Back to Smart Media, which has infinitely more of everything than that company ever had.
§  HPP 1.0 is in place NOW
§     We have the most powerful Branding and Advertising system online
§  We have an incredible payment plan that is as good as and we believe better than ANY other company… (see our pay plan videos in the sub-menu of the Opportunity page)
§  We show proof of HPP 2.0 working on our webinars with live demonstrations
§  We have an exceptional promotional tool to share the story with the Smart Media Magazine, which will show proof of who we are as a company and what we stand for.

In other words, you have every reason to tell everyone you know right now and let them decide for themselves:
1.    “No thanks, I am not interested”
2.  Join as a Free Member
3.  Join as a Rep. and wait until we release HPP 2.0 before telling anyone
4. Join as a Rep. and start telling everyone they know and letting those people decide for themselves what is the best choice for them

Members who are waiting to share Home Page Pays are making a decision for those people before they have not been given the chance to find out exactly what we have right now or to decide for themselves what is best for them.

Imagine holding back from contacting people you would love in your team and they then contact you about it! How will you feel about losing them?

I can personally share with you that if you had me on your list and you waited I would be very upset. I would feel this way because your waiting to tell me could have cost me potentially millions of dollars. You made a decision for me without asking me.

When we release HPP 2.0, should we wait for 3.0 or the mobile application?

We already have the most valuable free member program with HPP 1.0.
Let’s use Facebook as an example of a free member program success.

Facebook do NOT give their members:
§  Great prizes, such as laptop computers, iPod’s, Nintendo’s & cash
§  Educational video libraries - Smart Library & My University
§  100’s of pieces of free software
§  Top sites section
§  Multiple search engines in one place
§  Smart Points: Members are earning smart points right now

HPP 1.0 already has all of these features and more for our Free Members, which shows there is enough right now to build a massive global membership base.

What do you think will happen when we release HPP 2.0 with the Smart Points Shopping Store and the Smart Media Games and Edutainment Games?

How about the introduction of the “in-game” advertising and virtual goods! Did you know it is estimated that 12% of Facebook’s total revenue comes from games and virtual goods and they do not even own the games?!

Read the magazine articles and watch the Product video for full details and you will understand the enormity of this project and how the release of HPP 2.0 will create such a buzz on the Internet that we will have MILLIONS of members joining from all over the world. This is not us just hoping it might happen; we know this is what WILL happen.

We also hope you understand the very worst thing we could do is release 2.0 before it is ready. To gain the greatest impact on branding and market share, we want the release to have a HUGE impact right across the Internet. We want to have the Communication systems, Social Network feature and the Smart Point Reward Store ready and Smart Media Games with games that excite people to want to play them.

The important thing is to not waste any of the opportunities that are available right now. The way some of our teams are successfully building, shows we have more than enough to attract people to our company. There are even members earning hundreds of dollars a day who have never had success in MLM before, even though they have tried and yet they are having success here, right now, with HPP 1.0!

Of course, everything possible is being done to release HPP 2.0 ASAP. However, there is very good reason to be grateful for the time you have left before its release and do all you can to build like crazy NOW.

We will never have this window of time again and those who use this time wisely will be forever grateful, just like Stephen and some of his team in the true story. Those who decide to wait could regret it for the rest of their lives just like Carol. The choice is yours to make.

We hope this has been helpful in showing you how you can take huge advantage of timing right now and set yourselves up for life by helping others do the same.

Follow our simple 1, 2, 3 System and your success is assured!

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

7 Ways to be a Successful Sponsor!

Ok. So you signed-up to a new business opportunity, and tried to learn all the things about your new company, so you can support your new team members. Of course, knowledge always helps especially if you are trying to be a Good Team Leader and you want your team to be successful. You must create effective sponsoring and duplication strategies. You must learn how to lead and grow a large team in order to earn big residual income. Here are seven ways to be a good sponsor for your team.

1. As a team leader, you should always lead by example. Do all the things that you want your down-line to be able to follow. Always ask the question from yourself: Could all of my team members do this? Remember: Duplication is key to success!

2. Be especially supportive to every member of your team. Try to put yourself into their shoes. Don't forget: They are your gold currency and you succeed only if they succeed!

3. Work with your active members and help them with their questions, problems, or anything else that they ask you. If they send you an e-mail, always reply to them in the first 24 hours. Sooner if it is possible. Be compassionate. Show them you care. Caring will win your trust.

4. Recognise the good work and milestones of your team members. Everyone likes to be recognised and praised for their hard work and accomplishment.

5. Send out to your team weekly newsletters, with the recognition and praise of the hard workers, and encouragement or advice what to do next. For a new affiliate, every step to success can be overwhelming. We all have our doubts and unsecured feeling occasionally and a friendly encouragement from the sponsor might help them emotionally get back on track.

6. When your down-line is slowing down with their activities or involvement, or if you want them to reach their goal, set-up some contest for a prize. Some members might like challenges and like to get a prize. Everybody likes to win a prize.

7. Finally: always educate yourself with reading new materials, books, tapes, videos on leadership and this way you can find new creative ways to motivate all your team members. Learn from the big success leaders. There are plenty out there on the internet.

To your Success, please share your views and comments!