Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How easy it was to go from 1 to 1001+ in a few days!

Mariette lives in Alberta, Canada, spending most of her working career in the field of medicine, including many years in Africa.

After retiring from medicine, Mariette came across network marketing. She understood it could provide a way for her to work part time, from home and perhaps make enough money to live a free and comfortable retirement.

Several MLM companies later, Mariette’s health improved with their amazing products, yet she was not ahead financially, nor was she able to help her friends and family in the way she had hoped. The business models were too difficult and the products too expensive for most people.

Then, she was introduced to Smart Media.

Mariette is a caring, giving person, so the chance to be part of a company like Smart Media, where she is able to give away something as valuable as Home Page Pays to people all around the world is a dream come true. "I finally have a way to truly help people in a meaningful way”, she says. “This company is not only for bringing in financial abundance; we help people in need of a positive change in their life. The way this company functions is spreading compassion, education and prosperity... all that is needed for peace... which I am very happy about."

Mariette has been sharing Home Page Pays in many different ways; one by sending her link, along with a birthday greeting like this to her friends on Facebook on their special day.

Hello [Name], Happy Birthday [♥] Please accept this FREE gift from me to you:
Smart Media's Home Page Pay$

Our story begins with one such invitation to enjoy HPP.

A young mother in California, Rosalina, originally from the Philippines, accepted Mariette's gift and registered as a free member. Immediately, Rosalina shared her own link with her sister, Ronalyn, a teacher at a university in the Philippines.

Mariette connected with them and built a relationship, answering any questions they had about the free member program and eventually talking about how she, Mariette, was able to make money by giving away such a great gift.

In the few days after becoming free members, Rosalina and Ronalyn shared their link with many people who shared their link with others and so on. Because they were all free members, they earned 25 Smart Points for each free member who registered using their link. As a result, some had earned hundreds, even thousands, of Smart Points in a very short time.

Mariette, on the other hand, was welcoming all of these free members as part of her own Free Member Base. This is because she was the original sponsoring paid Representative.

Mariette and her sponsor spent time with Rosalina, explaining to her that she had to become a paid Rep. in order to get the free members in her own Free Member database.

Rosalina did her due diligence at Mariette's website and watched all the videos. She could easily see that this company was different and special and it quickly became evident that, although the Smart Points were great, if she wanted to really build her own Free Member database and make serious money, she would have to become a Rep herself. And that is just what she did! Rosalina's sister, Ronalyn, joined with her shortly after and Rosalina's Smart Media team was born.

The sisters are now both inviting everyone they know to become Free Members of HPP and are thus each building their own large Free Member base. And within those Free Members are the future Smart Media Reps to swell the ranks of their teams. Within a few days their numbers swelled to over 400 new free members!

Mariette followed the simple system of Inviting, Connecting and Converting; a system that works so beautifully because all the resources and support needed for success are there every step of the way. In less than a couple of weeks, she had well over a thousand free members and that number is growing rapidly as she continues to share HPP every day.

Mariette is a wonderful leader and an example of what is possible, with belief and consistent action, when one has something as valuable and needed as the HPP system to share with the world.

Here are some of her thoughts on what it takes to succeed and on how she feels about her future with Smart Media and Home Page Pays.

"We cannot be centered on the results arriving quickly instead of working at it. I think we should let go of just wanting the results and instead, work at getting the results we want. When you focus on WANT, the Universe continues to send you situations of WANT, but if you focus on already having the results then you get those results.

I know I have embarked on a journey that will supply me with the financial resources I need FOR LIFE, and that does not come in overnight without working on it NOW!"

The 15 income streams the company offers HIT me right between the eyes... and this is for LIFE! for LIFE! I WANT THAT... regardless of anything else. This means I am FREE to be me forever... and not weaken to smaller stuff. I am free to look after all my own needs and help so many other people look after theirs. It's a dream come true for me."

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