Friday, 25 May 2012

5 FREE websites for Advertising and Traffic Generation!

We all want FREE advertising, more traffic, more hits, more exposure to our opportunities and blogs! Below are 5 Free Websites offering these needs.

1. Viral Search 
This exciting and clever breakthrough new software lists your website on the first line of search engine results in 60 seconds for FREE.   This Breakthrough New Technology Puts Your Website In Front Of Thousands Of Hungry Buyers Instantly! 

2. Adviraliser

The Ad Viralizer website displays and promotes 6 different ads plus one Power Ad.
After free signup you get a page, with your own text ad in #1 position.

When other people want to sign up and place their own ad on the Ad Viralizer page, they have to get a special code for each ad (starting with yours!). For that they have to do the same thing you're asked to do - click on each ad, go to each website in turn and stay on each website for at least 15 seconds for the code to appear.

Now they can add their ad into position #1 and yours will be moved down to the #2 spot. Every one of the people that sign up on your page will start promoting their pages with your ad on it! These people are, as we say, on your 1st level

And this is where the real "viralizing" starts, and your traffic literally explodes. Those that sign up on the pages of your 1st level people will promote your ad in spot #3... and with each additional level your ad moves down, all the way to position #6, which equals over 55,000 hits!

 3. AZadboard

For An Unbeatable Price Of... $0.00 You Get:
Your Own three text links at the top of your page.
Your ads in the Last Submitted section on thousands of pages!
Your ads in the Random Selected section on thousands of pages!
There is more...
FREE URL Cloaker & Shortener!
FREE URL Rotator!

4. HotLink Cycler
This is a "SafeList", although without email ads. It's great at creating a responsive prospect list and makes your advertising completely safe from spam accusations! 
Instead of emails we use an effective combination of credit-producing text links and ads, displayed to our members right in their members area.
Our program is credit-based. Clicking on a link produces randomly from 1 to 40 credits for the prospect - no wonder they are happy to browse the pages. There is more - clicking on a Hot Link gives you from 100 to 1000 points (credits)! 
Another twist: our script makes sure that the prospect views one page at a time.
5. Cash In On Banners

Get Your Banners Displayed on Thousands of Pages!
Get Unlimited Direct $10 Member-to-Member Payments!
Get a FREE Page - Get Guaranteed Visitors

Every new member has to click on all banners and visit all pages to join.
This way you are getting not only free exposure of your banners,
but also guaranteed visitors to your pages!

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